12 IKEA Christmas decoration hacks for the unexpected sparkle

ikea christmas hacks

So you want to decorate for Christmas but at a loss for ideas? We got you. Take a look around at the IKEA items you may already have. With a little ingenuity and hacking, it’s possible to turn them into unusual festive Christmas decoration, IKEA Christmas hacks style.

Here are 12 Christmas decoration hacks with IKEA

1. The picture ledge Christmas tree

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

This is a gorgeous idea, especially if you do not wish to invest in a tree. Swap out the ornaments and lights and the picture ledges work as usual on regular days. Merrilee used the old RIBBA picture ledge which is now discontinued. Use the MOSSLANDA instead.  See more on MerMag.

IKEA VINTERFINT wall decoration | IKEA.com

An alternative is to use the IKEA VINTERFINT wall decoration/ tree to create a unique tree that takes no floor space. It’s an awesome space saving tree and you can’t beat the price (currently selling at $9.99). If it’s sold out at your IKEA, you can very easily make one with a few 2×2″ wood slats and rope. Staple the rope into ends of the wood and there you have it.

2. The IKEA Christmas stocking hack

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

I’m sure, you would have an IKEA FRAKTA bag, if not several, stashed away somewhere. You can turn them into a one-of-a-kind Christmas stocking, like how Bootleg Baubles did. Unfortunately, the link to the site doesn’t work anymore. But if you know how to thread a needle and make stitches, you can definitely sew one. Follow this pattern and sew away. More info.

3. IKEA Advent calendar hack

Grab an IKEA mini chest and turn it into an advent calendar. Each drawer is filled with wrapped surprises and labelled for the countdown to Christmas. For more ideas on Advent Calendars, see our post on 8 easy and fun Advent Calendar hacks.

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4. Frame the tree

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

Now, here’s a novel Christmas decoration idea. Take one wide IVAR side unit (19 5/8 ” / 50cm). Next, string Christmas lights around the frame. Then, add strings horizontally across, creating a ladder effect. Lastly, hang Christmas ornaments in the shape of a tree shape. Click here for more info.

5. Custom gift wrap

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

You can easily make your own gift wrap with cookie cuttersMÅLA paint and MÅLA drawing paper roll. Your kids will also love helping out with this project.

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6. Make a modern garland

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

The idea is from IKEA itself but the link to the original tutorial is gone. But from what I can see, all you need to do is to measure out a string of twine. Knot the end. Thread a Christmas bauble through to the end of the twine. Add one or two more baubles. Then a little ways above the initial cluster of baubles, add another cluster of baubles, spacing them out as you see fit. Repeat the process until you complete the entire length. Then end the garland with a knot and hang it up.

7. Unusual Christmas baubles decor

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist

Put this up for Christmas and you can leave it on till Valentine’s day. Cut a firm cardboard to the shape you want. (It doesn’t have to be a heart). Hot glue the baubles onto the cardboard and let dry. At the back of the cardboard, stick on one or two picture hooks or 3M Command picture strips and hang up.

8. Christmas mantel scape

IKEA Christmas hacks
BEGÅVNING glass dome | IKEA.com

Turn your fireplace mantel or top of your console into a holiday scape. IKEA used the 10″ and 7″ BEGÅVNING bell jars to create a magical vignette. Enclose battery operated fairy lights and Christmas ornaments in the jars. Really anything Christmassy will do well. Keep the color theme consistent for coordinated chic.

9. Christmas vignettes

Christmas vignette

This is one of the cutest IKEA Christmas hacks. Just for the holiday season, swap out the images in your RIBBA photo frames to Christmas scenes. Decorate the ledge of the frame with the ornaments you like. See the RIBBA Christmas frame tutorial. And this for a picture frame with a nativity scene.

10. IKEA Christmas faux sheepskin wreath

faux sheepskin wreath
Fall For DIY

Got an old IKEA faux sheepskin rug you no longer love? Perfect. Upcycle it into this DIY whimsy faux sheepskin wreath. Cut the rug into strips and hot glue the strips onto a wreath foam ring. You can add bottle brush trees, ribbons or pine cones for a more traditional wreath. Hang it up and it will look awesome on the wall or on your door.

11. Christmas Decorative Lantern

Nest a nativity scene inside an IKEA lantern. Gerardo used the popular ROTERA lantern for this purpose but any of the other lantern will work. Takes a bit of painstaking effort but seeing the end result, it may be well worth it.

Here’s another Christmas decor, using the BORRBY lantern. See the tutorial.

Christmas decoration ideas with an IKEA twist
Source: thegirlcreative.com

12. The Christmas Card IKEA manual style

Save, print and assemble it for a one-of-a-kind Christmas card.

Hope you liked these 10 IKEA Christmas decoration hacks! Share with us how you’re decorating with IKEA this holiday season.