Make delightful mini Christmas trees in rainbow colors

ikea wire christmas tree

I wanted wire mini Christmas trees that were in fabulous rainbow colors and didn’t want to pay top dollar.

FEJKA mini Christmas trees |

These took about ten minutes each. The picture has a green one left unpainted for comparison.

Recolor Fejka -- Multicolored mini Christmas trees

IKEA items used:
  • Fejka mini Christmas trees
Other materials:

1. Part wire bristles as if you are parting hair

2. Dab dab dab the acrylic paint up and down the tree, trying to get the trunk.

3. Move over a bit, rinse and repeat.

4. I did two coats for full coverage.

~ by Jaded

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Oh paper tree, oh paper tree …

paper christmas tree

Koral used 4 cardboards, a HOLMO floor lamp and made this super minimal Christmas tree. Even in its simplicity, it does not fail to give out a warm glow. See the full tutorial here.

Mini Christmas trees in stemware

mini Christmas trees in snow goblet

Camilla made this chic snow globet using mini Christmas trees and stemware. It’s perfect as part of the Christmas table decorations. See how she did it here.

The space saving Christmas tree

Christmas is coming and how nice it would be to have one of those huge trees weighed down with lights and decorations. But if you live in a small space it might be hard to place a full-size spruce. But never fear, there are other ways to build a large Christmas tree which can fit almost any place. The IKEA LIAMARIA is discontinued but you may be able to find it Amazon or eBay. Read more.


Jules Yap