Faux it till you grow it: 14 IKEA faux plants that I love

IKEA faux plants — here are my top picks.

Plants. They are essential in a home’s decor, but they are not the easiest of housemates to have. Plants are living things, after all, and they demand your time and attention to thrive.

So, while you’re getting your thumbs green, there are faux plants.

However, not all artificial plants are created equal. Most of the IKEA faux plants – the leafy ones – are pretty lifelike if you don’t look too closely. As for the flowers … you’ll need to be more picky with them.

Faux plants can give your home a green boost, especially in darker spaces where it’s impossible to keep anything alive.

You can also store a few of the IKEA faux plants away and change them with the seasons. One important tip is not to solely display fake plants in your home. Use faux plants sparingly to fill gaps where and when live plants cannot thrive.

These 14 are my favourite picks from the IKEA FEJKA range.

(FYI, the measurements refer to the pot size, not the height of the plant.)

Not too big, not too small

IKEA FEJKA faux plants
Pilea 4 ¾” | Wire plant 4 ¾” | Photo: IKEA.com

Both plants are a good size on a dresser or mantel. And they garnered great reviews for looking like the real thing. Once you get them home to your home, place the pots in a suitably sized planter. It should be large enough to cover the nursery pot and shaped to suit the plant. The Wire Plant would look great in a round planter. Then, cover up the top of the pot with stones or moss to add to the illusion.

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Wall mounted and hanging greens

IKEA FEJKA faux plants
Wall mounted green 10 ¼x10 ¼”| String of hearts 3 ½” | Photo: IKEA.com
IKEA FEJKA faux plants
Bougainvillea, hanging cerise 3 ½”| Hanging plant 3 ½” | Photo: IKEA.com

Make a faux plant wall with these FEJKA panels and trailing greens. If you don’t have a spare wall, the side of a cabinet works just as well. Hang up a few panels of greens interspersed with trailing plants to create a faux living wall. If the panels look too “square”, cut them up for a free flowing form.

IKEA faux plants that are ready to display

IKEA FEJKA faux plants
Succulent 1 ½” Set of 3 | Flower arrangement 4 ¾” | Photo: IKEA.com

These little ones are perfect for the window sill. They also make cute gifts.

They work on the bathroom ledge too. No fear of them getting too much moisture or too little sun.

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Group them together

Calathea and Papyrus IKEA artificial plant
Calathea 7 ½” | Papyrus sedge 4 ¾” | Photo: IKEA.com

You can’t go wrong with these beautiPerhaps, place lace the Calathea in a planter on the floor and the Papyrus on a side table? If you need height, use a tall planter and fill out the bottom half with cardboard (or any junk, really, to raise the base) then place the plant pot with the planter. Then, fluff up the plant by lightly bending and parting the stalks. Lastly, cover the base of the plant with moss to make it look more like the real thing.

Soft and flowy

Lavender and Palm IKEA artificial plant
Lavender lilac 4 ¾” | Palm 7 ½” | Photo: IKEA.com

Instant jungle feel with palm trees. You can’t go wrong with palm trees if you’re going for the tropical vibe.

Make an entrance

IKEA Faux Plants
Topiary | Bamboo 8 ¼” | Photo: IKEA.com

Topiaries on your porch is a green and friendly welcome for your visitors.

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