How to: Cover up unsightly cam nuts on IKEA furniture

I’m surprised IKEA do not supply covers for their cam nuts. The Minifix cams look awful on bedroom furniture in my opinion.

The cam nut covers improve the appearance for very little effort. It’s these small details that customers appreciate.

This is how the cam nut looks before

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IKEA items:
  • PAX Frames, hinged doors, shelves and accessories.
Item used:

How to cover up cam nuts

Very easy, make sure cams are clean and free of dust. The covers are self-adhesive. Be careful to center the cover and when using wood colors, ensure grain direction matches.

Source: HÄ

And how much cleaner it looks after

A pack of 36 covers cost about £8.00. (Found similar on Amazon.)

Here’s a side by side comparison.

~ by Geoff

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