Probably the most beautiful IKEA farmhouse kitchen

I did not find my dream kitchen so I need to DIY it. The result is a modern farmhouse kitchen that does not look like a regular IKEA kitchen with many features being installed.

The building process was very time-consuming and installing all of the items have taken some weeks.

Since IKEA Kitchens have fair pricing the cost for the kitchen is still reasonable. The most expensive additional things are the kitchen electricals including the LED-Lighting, the stucco mouldings and the solid worktop.

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IKEA items, material and tools:
  • IKEA METOD cabinets, drawers and doors
  • BODBYN fronts
  • Hob
  • Integrated fridge
  • Dish-washer and other smaller IKEA items.
  • 40 mm solid worktops
  • LED Strips and LED Drivers
  • Tons of stuff for the kitchen electricals
  • Stucco mouldings
  • Putty and more
  • You need proper tools like an electric drill (or two), laser, spirit level, jigsaw, soldering iron, spacers and others.

The hack is too enormous to list all steps. So, I created a website where the steps are shown in detail. You can follow the building process from the beginning to the end.

The IKEA farmhouse sink Domsjö. Installation is quite simple.
The IKEA farmhouse sink Domsjö. Installation is quite simple.

Installing an IKEA farmhouse kitchen

Basically, the steps are as follows. Click on the links to read more:

I like the tiled splashback the most, especially when it is set in the scene with the right lighting.

Beautiful IKEA farmhouse kitchen

Besides that, I love the lighting of the base of the kitchen cabinets. The base lighting makes the kitchen look like it’s floating.

Beautiful IKEA farmhouse kitchen
Beautiful IKEA farmhouse kitchen

Full details of the kitchen project are here.

Watch a video of the IKEA Farmhouse Kitchen build process.

~ by Benjamin

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