Massive TV Media Console with Speaker Cloth Fronts

Tv media console ikea hack

I wanted a TV media console with speaker cloth on the doors. And I love the IKEA kitchen bench tops. So a hack was the only option.

Our friends love the look of this TV media console. It looks very premium and has some very good functionality.

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It allows you to hide away all cables and speakers for a very simple and clutter free home cinema experience.

IKEA items used:
  • METOD (80cm x 80cm) wall cabinets x 3
  • JUTIS smoke glass doors x 3
IKEA METOD frame with JUTIS door
METOD frame with JUTIS door |
  • LERHYTTAN black doors x 3
  • EKBACKEN white marble color 246cm x 2.8cm x 1
  • EKBACKEN white marble color 186cm x 2.8cm x 1
Counter top, EKBACKEN |
  • Old photo frames x 3
  • METOD shelves wood x 6
  • METOD shelves glass x 3
Other materials and tools:

Hack instructions for TV media console:

Constructed the 3 METOD cabinets.

Connected the 3 METOD cabinets with 4 screws on each inner panel so all 3 were connected as one.

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Used clamps for this process so the cabinets were tight together.

Cut side from largest EKBACKEN board so it was 50 cm in width

Cut side from other EKBACKEN board so it was 50 cm in width

Connected largest EKBACKEN board to the cabinets

Cut other EKBACKEN board into 2 x 81cm for side panels

Connected side panels using clamps and several screws.

Screwed in old IKEA frames at the base to lift cabinets 1cm off the ground.

Cut out LERHYTTAN centre wooden piece and added black speaker cloth around entire door.

TV media console with speaker cloth fronts

I used a staple gun to attach the cloth on the door. Pull the cloth nice and tight.

Installed cloth doors above and glass doors below.

Added shelves.

Screwed small hole in the top EKBACKEN board for cable management.

I also attached a stretch strap to the back of the cabinet and I connected this to the wall for extra security.

It is easy to remove if I need to get behind the TV media console again.

How long and how much did it cost?

It cost about 7.000 Norwegian Kronor. It took me about 10 hrs all up.

If I was to do it again – probably 5-6 hrs work involved.

Lots of learning during the process.

What do you like most about the hacked TV media console?

I love the cloth doors. I like the contrast between the marble white and the black doors.

Also the contrast between the back glass and black cloth looks great.

My remotes work fine and my speakers work great behind the cloth.

The great thing is that it fits exactly together. This hack was meant to be

The cabinets connected had a width of 240.4 cm

The top bench was 246 cm

The sides were 2.8cm (5.6)

So 240.4 + 5.6 = 246 ?

What was the hardest part about this hack?

The door speaker cloth was a bit tricky.

Cutting the sides and the top to be exactly 50cm was also a challenge.

What to pay special attention to?

When cutting laminated wood like EKBACKEN make sure to use masking tape on the laminated side where you will cut.

Then flip the board and cut on the opposite side. Use a sharp saw blade and cut slowly.

If any chipping of laminate occurs, just add some white paint and it will look good as new.

Be careful with the length of screw. I used many different sizes as you never want to see a sharp screw sticking out.

~ by Adam Butt