Cheese Cloche that looks good in the fridge and out

cheese cloche ikea hack

The 356+ glass food container with bamboo lid makes a great mini cheese cloche. Keeps your cheese fresh and protected with more style than plastic, and without taking up as much fridge space as a regular cloche.

At least where I live (Norway), the square version is perfectly sized to fit the most popular everyday sandwich cheese here:

Materials used:
  • 365+ glass food container (tall, square variant used)
  • 365+ bamboo lid
Equipment used:
  • (optional) Scissors

Instructions for DIY cheese cloche:

Turn the container and lid upside down.

(optional): With the scissors, adjust the width of the silicone gasket to reduce the seal force as desired. Alternatively just pull it off entirely.

cheese cloche IKEA 365

Challenges encountered:

The silicone gasket jams the two pieces together rather tightly – enough to lift the lid and contents with the cloche.

So if you are willing to sacrifice that perfect seal in return for being able to effortlessly lift the cloche, trim or remove the gasket.

~ by Joachim Lous

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