Terrarium lamp: An easy hack for your miniature garden

I’ve just finished an IKEA hack to transform my terrarium into a terrarium lamp.

My terrariums needed light, specially during winter. So I decided to create a terrarium with lamp attached.

IKEA items used:
  • TVÄRS Lamp
  • IKEA 365+ Jar with Lid
TVARS lamp | IKEA.com
TVÄRS Lamp | IKEA.com

Cost: 2.50€ (Tvärs) + 2€ (Light Bulb) + 2€ (Glass cover 365+)

Other materials and tools:

Hack instructions for terrarium lamp:

First, cut the 3 legs of the TVÄRS Lamp with scissors.

Unmount the cable going to the light bulb and pass the cable at the upper section of the system, so you can glue the lamp on the jar lid.

terrarium lamp-2

Lastly, glue the lamp into the glass jar lid with an adhesive suitable for glass.

And your terrarium lamp is finished!

terrarium lamp-1

The hardest part about this hack was trying to figure out how to fix the lamp without the light bulbs being too close to the plants.

~ by Foret De Verre (See more of my terrariums here.)

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