Height adjustable kid’s desk: A desk that grows with you

Joy hacked a height adjustable kid’s desk using the IKEA HEJNE system. Besides the desk, it also has plenty of shelves for toys and books.

This is a simple desk set up that will grow with your kid. The HEJNE is also perfect for this project because it already has holes all pre-drilled for you. If you wish you can add extra holes for smaller height increments.

Height adjustable kid's desk: A desk that grows with you

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  • HEJNE posts x 8
  • HEJNE shelves x 8
  • Wooden board
  • Nuts and bolts (to fit HEJNE hole size)
Instructions for height adjustable kid’s desk

Assemble the IKEA HEJNE system following IKEA instructions. Combine the posts and shelves as you wish.

Joy decided to have the desk in the middle. But you can certainly have it on the right or left section too.

Now, onto the kid’s desk

First, decide how deep you want the desk to be. Joy made it a little deeper than the HEJNE, resulting in a larger desk top. But don’t make the desk too deep to prevent a tip over accident.

Then, get a wooden board and cut it to size according to the size you want. The width should span the length of 2 HEJNE posts. Curve the corners for a safety.

Use a router or jigsaw to cut notches at all 4 corners of the board. The notch should be wide enough for the board to slide into the posts.

Sand down all cut edges and surfaces till smooth.

As the HEJNE comes untreated, paint or stain it to fit your kid’s room decor. Joy stained the HEJNE posts and shelves.

Fasten nuts and bolts into the holes on the HEJNE posts, at the height you wish to rest the wooden desk on. (You could also use a fitting wooden dowel for this.)

Slot the wooden desk into place to complete your height adjustable kid’s desk.

One last but very important step, secure the entire HEJNE set up onto the wall.

As your little one grows, unscrew the nut and bold to raise the desk one step higher.

~ by Joy