Need a study table for kids? Here are 10 of the brightest ideas

ikea study table for kids

The school term begins yet again and soon, there will be piles of homework and books, strewn all over the house. Wouldn’t it be great to have a dedicated study table for the kids to do their thing?

“If only I have space”, you say!

A study table for kids doesn’t need to take up a lot of space.

It can fit into their rooms. Or even a corner of the living room or kitchen.

To spark some bright ideas for your space we made a list of 10 best IKEA study tables for kids. Let’s get right to it.

#1 Long study table and computer station for 2 – 3 kids

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Tim made this kids desk and computer station for his three kids. It includes desks for them to read, write, draw and lots of storage. It also has a place to accommodate a computer (or kid number 4). His IKEA product of choice is the TROFAST frames and JULES chairs. See how he made the IKEA TROFAST kids desk here.

#2 Kids study tables with storage

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

In Janine’s L-shaped living room, they wanted their kids to read and play in the corner. She wanted to include little desks for them to draw and little cabinets on wheels to put their daily stuff to put into. She made a structure out of the BESTÅ system above for out of kids’ reach storage and made desks beneath them. See the BESTÅ study and play centre here.

#3 Loft bed upgraded to include study table for kids

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Their son was starting school and Anca decided to make room for a study table under the IKEA KURA bed, which they already had. They added timber structures to elevate the bed and construct a desk and storage areas. See the KURA bed with study desk.

#4 Girl’s study desk with storage

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Peter IKEA hacked a desk for his daughter to do her homework and art, as well as a place to store her books, stuff and art supplies. He combined 2 pink KALLAX units and fastened a gloss red LINNMON table top to the smaller KALLAX. Can’t be easier to construct a study table for kids. See tutorial here.

#5 DIY kids study table

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Jane took a different route. She used MDF for the table top and attached it to IKEA KRILLE legs. On the side of the table, she added 3 SUNNERSTA containers to function as a desk tidy, to keep pens and pencils organized. See more of the desk tidy IKEA hack and DIY study desk.

#6 Make it a classy desk

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Sometimes a little tweak is all you need to make the IKEA desk fit your kid’s room decor. If the MICKE desk is too plain, glam it up with a custom top and drawer pulls. See more here.

Themed study tables for kids

#7 The force is strong with this one

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

The RAST chest is perfect desk height. Pair it with the LINNMON table top and ADILS leg and you’ll get a very affordable study table. And the best thing is, you can Mod Podge the drawer fronts with your kid’s favorite elements. In this case, Star Wars. See the Star Wars kids desk tutorial.

#8 #Studygoals

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Mike’s son was in need of a study desk, and since he loves soccer and already has IKEA birch effect furniture in his bedroom, he decided to build a goal post study desk.

#9 Racing themed desk

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Sasse wanted a racing car themed desk for her son’s bedroom but didn’t find didn’t any that please the eye. So she made one. See the F1 themed desk.

#10 Kids table with map

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

Claire had an old IKEA kids table and decided to make it over with a map. Would be fun to cover it up with a world map and teach kids the name of cities and countries. See the kids table with map.

One last one before we go.

If your kids won’t share the same table space, here’s the hack for you. Theresa’s kids would complain that they had no privacy, and were always fighting over whose stuff was on whose side of the desk. So, she decided to put a stop to all the problems once and for all.

The solution?

10 genius IKEA study table for kids

The Great Divide.

Genius, right?

Which is your preferred study table for kids? Let us know in the comments below.

Jules Yap