Main Bathroom remodel: It turned out “marblellous”

This post is waaay overdue.

It’s almost a year since I last updated you guys on House17.  All the major renovations are done but I took longer than expected to settle in and get my rhythm going.

It’s 10 months now, since I moved in. The first few nights were challenging — I hardly sleep a wink. I would be jolted from my sleep by the “noises” of the house, then I’ll strain to listen, wondering whether I’ve been broken into. Paranoid, I guess.

But it’s all good now. I’ve gotten used to the groaning of the house as it settles in for the night, not unlike the snores of a sleeping partner.

The previous post on my house was all about bathroom tiles. Click to see the “before” and plans for the main bathroom and guest bathroom.

So today, I’ll reveal the Main Bathroom Remodel! Finally.

First a brief recap of what I had to work with.

Main Bathroom remodel – before
Master bathroom remodel before

It was a long and narrow master ensuite. (Which makes it really hard to get good photos). I gutted the whole thing, because I hated the row of stones set in cement with a vengeance.

Placement wise, I swapped the toilet and sink around to make better use of the space. I reused the large basin but got rid of the hefty wooden cabinet, which was showing signs of wear and tear plus water damage.

See the After on JulesHome.Life.

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