IKEA Hacking in 3D

IKEAHackers is going 3D!

I am very happy to have the good folks from 3DHubs.com help me out with this new category of hacks on IKEAHackers. Personally, I think 3D printing is a game changer in the IKEA hacking scene. I mean, imagine the possibilities. Mind boggling indeed! You want a new lampshade? No problem. Just print out one or seven, like what Samuel Bernier did.

Photo: Samuel Bernier (via Coroflot)

IKEAHackers has in the past featured a few, like the Draisienne Frosta bike and Gilbert Chair replacement feet. We will definitely be seeing more action in this department now.

Max, will be helming the 3D IKEA hacks and he is here to tell us a bit more about himself. Over to you, Max!

Hey there! I’m Max van Oirschot from 3D Hubs, and I’ll be launching a new category on 3D printed IKEA hacks from now on. I’d like to thank Jules for inviting me to blog, as we have been avid fans of IKEA hacking. We’ve for example hacked our EXPEDIT desks to awesome standing desks.

With this new category, we would like to inspire you on how the creative folks in the 3D print scene are hacking their IKEA gear. Since 3D printers give you almost unlimited freedom you can expect some crazy and useful things passing by so keep an eye out for posts in this category!

Now it’s short bio time: I’m 23 years old and I’m evangelizing 3D printing on behalf of 3D Hubs. 3D Hubs is on a mission to bring 3D printing to every city on our planet by matching people that have a 3D printer with people that need access to a 3D printer.

So did you make an IKEA hack using a 3D print? Shoot me an email at max.vanoirschot@3dhubs.com or submit a tip here.

The first 3D IKEA hack from Max will appear tomorrow. Watch this space!