The easy way to make a ceramic tile coffee table

tile coffee table ikea hack

This is my ceramic tile coffee table, which I made from an IKEA LACK side table. To keep it simple, I did not grout the tiles so it’s best for indoor use.

IKEA item needed:
  • Black IKEA LACK side table – 6 euros
Tile coffee table ikea hack
Other materials and tools
ceramic tile coffee table 3
Time needed:
  • About 1 hour of work, although you’ll need some time to let the wood trim dry after painting
Total cost:
  • 44 euros

DIY ceramic tile coffee table

Step 1: Measure and cut the plywood

Before assembling the LACK side table, measure the 50mm ply wood around the outside of the table top and cut to size with saw.

ceramic tile coffee table 2

Tile coffee table ikea hack

Lightly sand the cut edges to clean them up but not too much. Don’t round the corners and be careful of splinters. Ensure that the wood you choose is the same height as your tiles to avoid a lip between them.

Step 2: Spray the LACK

Spray or paint the wood trim to match the color of your LACK table (usually black or white). I used spray paint for convenience (laziness) but if I ever do this again, I would paint the wood as it would look nicer and will have a more refined finish.

Tile coffee table ikea hack Tile coffee table ikea hack

Step 3: Add the trim

Assemble the LACK table and fix the wood trim with a suitable adhesive (wood glue etc.) around the sides of the table top. Make sure to keep the trim flush with the outside of the table top. I just butted the flat edges of the wood trim together. If I had more time, I would probably cut them with a 45 degree miter. Again a nicer and more refined finish.

Tile coffee table ikea hack

Step 4: Finish tile coffee table

Fix the tiles with an adhesive. Note before fixing the tiles double check that they have the space to fit in and that the tiles have some wiggle room between them, at least 1 mm.

Tile coffee table ikea hack

As the tiles are not grouted and just fixed with a basic enough adhesive, I don’t think the tile coffee table would survive for long outside, especially if it gets wet. In short it’s an indoor tile coffee table.

Tile coffee table ikea hack Tile coffee table ikea hack

~ by Neil

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