This BILLY celebrates with one-of-a-kind cane doors

cane furniture BILLY bookcase

Cane furniture is definitely here to stay. I first saw Kathryn’s BILLY hack with cane webbing doors on Instagram. When I reposted it, I captioned it saying we should petition IKEA to make this style of doors. Quite a few hands shot up. I’m not alone in wanting cane cabinet doors.


Kathryn received a BILLY bookcase as part of IKEA UAE’s BILLY 40th anniversary celebration. It stood beautifully styled in her living room for a while but she had a “nagging itch to do something a little more spectacular with it”.

She’s always loved cane furniture and missed out on the IKEA STOCKHOLM 2017 cabinet when it was released two years. Since then, she has been searching for a similarly affordable alternative without success.

ikea stockholm 2017 cabinet
STOCKHOLM 2017 cabinet |

So went this BILLY arrived in her home, her second chance had come.

Kathryn considered using existing BILLY doors and actually purchased the doors for this purpose. But the glass is very tightly fitted between the panels of wood/MDF that make up the door. She thought she could smash it out but on closer inspection, she figured that retrieving all of the glass from inside the crevice would be painful and quite tricky.

Additionally, you would require some sort of beading (not sure if that is the correct technical term) to hold the cane properly in place. You could probably staple gun it but it wouldn’t leave a neat finish. Besides, it needs a consistent tension across the length of the webbing to keep it nice and taut.

Cane furniture carpentry

That was when she decided it was a job for a carpenter.

The carpenter used MDF board and spray painted the doors in his workshop for a perfect finish. He primed and painted the bookcase for me too. For the open panels in the doors, he used a roll of cane webbing. They are held down on the inside with staples and a small strip of wooden beading for tension and support.

The result is just spectacular.

See more of the BILLY cane webbing doors on Kathryn’s blog, House of Hawkes.