Hackers Help: Darken the Landskrona leather sofa?

I want to purchase the LANDSKRONA sofa in golden brown but don’t really like the colour.

IKEA items used:
  • LANDSKRONA leather sofa in Bomstad golden brown
IKEA Landskrona leather sofa
Landskrona leather sofa | IKEA.com

I prefer a slightly darker tan than what’s offered. Can I somehow darken the leather on this sofa? Please help.

~ by Priya


Hi Priya

You can darken certain types of leather with leather dyes or oils. So first thing you’ll need to know is what type of leather you’re dealing with.

Understanding LANDSKRONA’s top-grain leather

As listed on IKEA’s website, the material on the LANDSKRONA is “dyed through top-grain leather with a treated, embossed and pigmented surface.”

What is top-grain leather? According to BuffaloJackson it is “the second highest grade of leather (after full-grain) and has the outermost layer of the hide removed. This difference makes the leather thinner and more workable for the manufacturer.”

Removing the outermost layer erases any imperfections and blemishes on the leather. In its place, an imitation grain may be printed or embossed on to give the leather a more uniform look.

#1 Darken leather sofa with dyes

From the sounds of it, the LANDSKRONA leather should be dye-able. 

But … 

Dyeing leather is tricky and it’s not easy to get a smooth even finish.

I would recommend getting some practise under your belt before attempting to darken the LANDSKRONA’s top grain leather. Use scrap pieces of leather in a similar grain and shade to test different dyes for best result.

Fiebing seems to be a popular one and one reviewer successfully changed a green leather sofa to dark brown. Removing the old dye and prepping the leather is key. (This may require more products than just the leather dye.) 

Fiebing leather dye

Darken leather sofa - fiebing review

Also, start with a small patch on an obscure area of the sofa to see how the dye takes. 

Here’s a pretty good how-to on Hunker which explains the different types of treatments and methods. And this one will explain the technique in greater detail.

#2 Darken leather sofa with oil

Some oils like neatsfoot or mink oil do slightly darken and condition the leather. Oils seems easier to apply and get the results you want too. I’m sure there are many others but I found this off Amazon, which seems like a good leather darkening oil.

hydrophane leather darkening oilAgain, a user managed to transform her caramel toned ottoman into a rich coffee colour. See the side by side comparison of the darkened ottoman to the armchair.

Darken leather sofa - hydrophane reviewIsn’t that the colour you want?

Good luck! And I hope you get the sofa colour of your dreams.


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