Hackers Help: How to fit smaller bed base into MALM bed?

malm bed with old base

I’d like to find a solution for my bed. I’ve a mattress and a bed base with legs of 190 x 150 cm, not from IKEA. It is a good one and I don’t want to change it.

bed frame

I’m looking at the MALM bed frame from IKEA, but the size is different from mine. I would like to find a good solution to fix my bed base and mattress on the MALM bed frame.

Has anyone solved this problem with a MALM or with another bed frame from IKEA?

Thanks in advance

~ by Michele, Ibiza


Hi Michele

The MALM high bed comes in 160 x 200cm. If I were you, I would just stand the existing bed base at the center of the MALM bed frame. It will, however, leave a 5cm (approx. 2.5″) difference all round. You did not mention the height of your bed, but I assume the MALM bed frame can cover the structure.

One way to cover the gap would be to upholster the bed frame to give it a snug fit. With your bed sheets, linens etc, the gap would not be noticeable.

If the legs from your existing bed base are too tall and you want to remove them, you’ll need your bed base to rest on the long steel bracket. This MALM bed assembly video shows the galvanized steel bracket that hold the LUROY slats. With the protrusion, you may be able to barely rest your bed base onto it. Unless you go and measure, it’s hard to know for sure. If it doesn’t, you can try installing longer angle brackets to hold up your bed base.

Another way to go would be to cut the MALM bed to size. But it’s a hard one to resize and I won’t recommend it. If you do shorten the side planks, you would have to recreate all the mounting holes, which is a complicated and precise process. Unless you get someone who has some work working skills and the right tools to help you. (And that someone would tell you it’s easier to buy lumber and make a bed frame from scratch. :-))

The NEIDEN bed may be easier to cut down to size. But I think it does not look much different from what you already have.

Lastly, since you already have a good bed base and mattress, why not just dress that up instead of trying to fit it into an IKEA bed? You could upholster the base, add a pretty headboard and I think it should last you a few more years till you’re ready to upgrade to an all new awesome bed.

Let us know how it goes.