Folding outdoor table: ÄPPLARÖ switcheroo

folding outdoor table ikea hack

We modified the ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table into a folding outdoor table for our balcony.

The original ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table has a drop leaf table on the left and right.

We lift the table top and push the gateleg out from the middle into position to support the table.

When we’re done using the table, we push the legs back into middle section and fold down the table. Then, we’ll push the closed table back against the wall.

And when we want to use it, move it away from the wall to set up the table leaves. You get my drift. That’s an annoying bit of unnecessary movement.

To make using the table so much easier for us, all we did was to swap the table leg from the middle to the end. This way it’s easier to open and fold down the table when not in use.

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Materials for folding outdoor table:

First, assemble what as originally the middle connector between the two drop leaves. But do not attach one of the table leaves.

folding outdoor table ikea applaro hack

Attach this section to the wall using suitable wall fixtures.

Join the extra gateleg to the other using a piano hinge. You should be able to fold it properly and tuck it neatly underneath the section connected to the wall.

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Then using hinges, attach the remaining drop leaf to the other, which folds down from the wall. Make sure this second one folds up. Add a small latch to the sides of the drop leaf to keep the table folded when in closed position.

When you want to use the table, just open up the latches and position the zigzag gatelegs under the two drop leaves.

It does take a bit of testing to get set the two anchors for the gatelegs in the right position. We did a few tests and got them fixed in the sweet spot. No doubt, the table top is secure and stable when open.

And that’s it. Our folding outdoor table works easily and perfectly now.

~ by Martin