Keep table runners in place on ÄPPLARÖ outdoor table

Applaro outdoor dining table

No more flyaway table runners!

I bought this ÄPPLARÖ table so that all family could sit together on the deck.  The table seats 10. 

Applaro outdoor dining table

ÄPPLARÖ drop leaf outdoor table |

The first time I used the ÄPPLARÖ table, I laid out four table runners I made using a serger to finish off the fabric edges.  The runners looked nice but two issues: 

  • The fabric blew off the table.
  • The fabric got caught up as children were seated on the lap of adults.

There was risk of dragging items on the table to the ground along with the fabric as the children moved about.

Table runners tip for ÄPPLARÖ

The second time I used the table, I wanted to keep the fabric in place. So, I decided to weave the fabric panels between the slats. 

table runner for applaro
Keep a table runner in place

Now the table is still colourful. And the risk of the fabric blowing away or pulling table service to the ground is gone.

An easy solution, making movement easy for everyone.

~ by Margaret

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#1 Fold it to the end
folding table applaro

The original ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table has a drop leaf table on the left and right.

We lift the table top and push the gateleg out from the middle into position to support the table. To make using the table so much easier for us, all we did was to swap the table leg from the middle to the end. This way it’s easier to open and fold down the table when not in use. See the folding outdoor table hack.

#2 Rental friendly ÄPPLARÖ outdoor storage bench
freestanding potting bench

I wanted to utilise a small awkward corner of the balcony for an outdoor storage bench and potting table.

Being in a rented apartment I did not want to drill holes in walls. Besides, it was to be positioned up against the balcony’s outer wall where it is not high enough to fix onto anyway. What I really needed was a freestanding version of an outdoor bench and wall panel.

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