This IKEA item may buy mom and dad more sleep

If you have a toddler at home, you’re no stranger to early wake up calls. In the summer months it may get even earlier as the little one may wake with daylight.

Megan is a mom of 3, with the youngest at 3 years old. Megan came up with a sleep training clock to help her child know when it’s okay to wake the adults.

She bought the cheap IKEA STOMMA clock and drew on a new colourful face. The colourful sections are key to this sleep training clock.

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Before half six is the red zone, meaning it is not time to get up and they should go back to bed.

Between half six and 7am is the yellow zone, meaning it’s fine to get up and play quietly in their room.

And finally there is the green zone, from 7am onwards, when it is fine to wake up the adults.

sleep training clock ikea stomma
Photo credit: MEN Manchester Family

Sharing a picture of her creation in a mum’s Facebook group, Megan, said: “If anyone’s going to be struggling with light mornings. This was a plain clock from IKEA, my 3 year old now knows when to get up. Green is good to go.”

Speaking to the M.E.N’s Manchester Family, she added: “So she gets up when the glittery hand is in green, if she’s awake in yellow, she can play quietly in her room but not in my room and red is back to bed.”

So far the little one seems to be responding well to the clock.

The concept of a sleep training clock is not new. There are many off the shelf options. But it’s great that Megan made one for so little money. The STOMMA sells for $2.49 in the US. And it’s a fun colouring and teaching activity for parents and kid.

The STOMMA is the successor to the equally cheap RUSCH, with one big difference. It makes no disturbing ticking sounds as the clock has a silent quartz movement. The noisy RUSCH was the subject of much sleep deprivation.

Source: Manchester Evening News

Don’t need a sleep training clock?

The STOMMA clock is a perfect blank canvas to express your own style.

Jonathan made it attractive and different with spray paint.

IKEA Stomma - spray painted

IKEA Stomma - spray painted

To remove the plastic cover, use a flat head screw driver. Look for the little notches where the cover fits into the clock base. Carefully insert the flat side of the screwdriver and pry. With a little pressure the cover will pop off easily.

Here’s a video showing how it’s done.

Mask the numbers you do not wish to colour. And spray to heart’s content. Don’t forget to spray the needles.