IKEA STOMMA too plain? 12 ideas to style it up

The IKEA STOMMA clock was created for the minimalist. It’s all white and so quiet in demeanour you won’t even know it’s there. Just ticking away, with no noise. Thanks to its silent quartz movement.

stomma clock

STOMMA clock | Buy on IKEA.com

But …

You may not want it plain. In which case, good for you, cause the clock is so easy to personalise. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner.

First, you’ll need to pop the cover.

Then, use these various mediums and materials to personalise to your heart’s content.

#1 Mask and paint

Use painter’s tape to mask sections of the clock face and then apply paint. Takes a little effort but this one turned out so pretty. You can also paint freehand if that’s your style.

#2 Inject some color

Blue Gloves used a mixture of wood glue and acrylic paint to coat the clock face in a shiny pop of colour.

#3 Play with markers

With Posca markers, @decoydesi gave the STOMMA a whole new look. Search for a motif that you like and using a pencil, trace it onto the clock face. Then go over it with a marker. Color the numbers. And that’s it. Your own artsy clock.

Another more involved version with markers. You get the idea.

#4 Caricature it

The minimalist STOMMA is a blank canvas. Draw whomever you wish. If you can’t draw, print the photo onto sticker paper.

#5 Surround it

Here’s a smart idea for the plain clock. Instead of coloring the clock, surround it with color. What I like about this idea is you can change the wreath along with the seasons. Like a Christmas wreath for the year-end festivities.

#6 Rough it up

A concrete like clock face transforms the STOMMA into something else. The words stuck on the plastic cover gives it a floating effect. Definitely a different take on the STOMMA.

#7 Map it

PillarBoxBlue has a wonderful tutorial on transferring a vintage map onto the STOMMA clock.

Credit: PillarBoxBlue
#8 Flow with watercolor

Bring forth your inner Monet.

#9 Decorate with stickers

Martin discovers the STOMMA clock is great for fussy kids who want to put their own mark on everything. His soon to be 4 year old daughter chose the clock as it was, and at £2 he was more than happy to buy it.

When they got home. he noticed how easy it was to open, so he let her decorate it as she chose. Now, not only does she have something up on her wall that she can be proud of, but it also provided a fun rainy day activity.

In another version, complete the look with markers. The squiggly border is too cute.

#10 Leather Belt Wall Clock

It works as a hanging leather strap wall clock too. Glue a leather belt around it and you’re set. Bedazzler optional.

#11 Make it a countdown timer

You need a timer instead of a clock? The STOMMA easily converts into one. Here’s a similar tutorial.

#12 A sleep training clock

Megan came up with a sleep training clock to help her child know when it’s okay to wake the adults. See the sleep training clock tutorial.

How will you personalise your IKEA STOMMA clock? Let us know.