Need more storage in the kitchen? Add suspended shelves

suspended shelves kitchen ceiling

I made these suspended shelves from two IVAR side units and some Plexiglas sheets.

IKEA suspended shelves kitchen ceiling

How I made the IVAR suspended shelves

First, I painted them the same colour as the walls. Then I glued pieces of Plexiglas I had in the shed to it with Tec7 (other clear silicone can also be used).

I drilled through the Plexiglas in all four corners on each piece, before screwing hooks into them. Make sure the hooks are long enough to go all the way from Plexiglas through to the IVAR. This is to ensure a firm hold.

Then I attached four hooks in the ceiling, attached chains from them to the hooks in the upper shelf, and then from hooks underneath the top shelf.

This is how I attached the chains.

IKEA suspended shelves for kitchens

I attached the bottom shelf with more pieces of chain. Underneath the lower shelf I attached some stiff wire mesh for hooks where I can hang kitchen utensils.

IKEA suspended shelves for kitchens
Wire mesh underneath the lower suspended shelf to hang utensils

Didn’t cost more than the IVAR side units, some hooks and some stainless steel chain.

~ by Tor Bach, Oslo

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