7 Clever & Easy IKEA FLISAT Table Hacks for more Fun & Play

ikea flisat table hacks

The IKEA FLISAT children’s table is a pretty clever little thing. Featuring removable white covers and integrated TROFAST tubs, it easily transforms between a desk and sensory table setup.

Open the covers, and you’ll fit 2 TROFAST storage tubs snugly under the top of the table. Your child can reach in and get their supplies, e.g., LEGOs, and build on the desk. And when they’re done, sweep everything into the bin to clean up. Or at least that’s what we all hope the kiddo does.

It easily converts for sensory play for toddlers or even older kids. Instagram is full of ideas on what to add to those tubs to maximize them. Think of filling them with an array of tactile materials like rice, pasta, chickpeas, or sand to engage young hands in exploring different textures. Add water for even more sensory exploration and imaginative play scenarios.

Read on to see how to make the versatile kids’ table set work harder for much more fun.

1. FLISAT play table with pegboard

Photo Credit: Kelly @our.home.atno50

Kelly @our.home.atno50 added an IKEA SKÅDIS pegboard to the FLISAT desk for versatile tabletop storage and organization. It’s a fantastic idea if you don’t have space for a wall-mounted pegboard.

The main items you’ll need, besides the FLISAT table, are the IKEA SKÅDIS Pegboard and SKÅDIS Connectors.

All you need to do is attach the connectors to the bottom of the SKÅDIS Pegboard, sandwiching the pegboard between the metal brackets. Make sure they are screwed in tightly so the pegboard is well supported.

Then, screw the connectors to the edge of your FLISAT table. This will securely mount the pegboard to the table.

Lastly, add any SKÅDIS accessories you like directly onto the pegboard using the peg holes. You can add hooks, shelves, bins, and more. Arrange them however you like to suit your kid’s storage needs.

2. Simple mod turns the IKEA FLISAT into a Play & Craft table

IKEA Flisat children's table
Photo Credit: IKEA.com

Lauren has a straightforward yet practical hack to turn the FLISAT table for kids into a play table with more storage and better organization.


  • FLISAT table with TROFAST tubs
  • ONSKLIG change table containers
  • Wood bracket
  • Pine

Assemble the IKEA FLISAT table if you are buying a new one. Attach two 8mm pine wood brackets (using screws or nails) to one side of the table. Line these up to the joint in the table—pre-drill to prevent splitting.

Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Photo Credit: Lauren
Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Photo Credit: Lauren

Next, screw one length of 40mm x 19mm pine wood (cut to 445mm) onto the brackets and slide on your containers! Your table is a play station or storage unit for craft materials, LEGO, etc.

Upgrade the IKEA FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Photo Credit: Lauren
Upgrade the FLISAT children's table with a simple mod
Photo Credit: Lauren | Chair source from Amazon

3. Make a light table

light box
Photo Credit: ArrowsAnchorsblog

We know how light can enhance playtime. It’s also educational. Conventional lightboxes don’t come cheap. But if you have a FLISAT table, it’s not all that hard to make one. Just make sure to get dimmable LED strips to control brightness. Harsh lights can hurt little eyes.

You’ll need an acrylic sheet cut to the size of the tabletop. Use a frosted spray for an opaque finish. 

Drill a hole on one end of the TROFAST bin. Thread the LED strip light through the hole and glue it along the four inner sides of the TROFAST bin. Drop the bin back in place, cover it with the acrylic sheet, and boom! Lightbox.

See the full tutorial on ArrowsAnchorsblog

4. Table for art

 IKEA FLISAT art table
Photo Credit: Later Ever After

Later ever after shows us how to add an art paper roll onto the FLISAT, turning it into an art table, and it’s so easy. Screw J hooks onto the two side legs of the FLISAT. Thread the paper roll onto a wooden dowel rod and drop it onto the hooks. Done!  

5. IKEA sensory table using the FLISAT

IKEA FLISAT sensory table
Photo Credit: Learning for Littles

It’s a new play every day. Load the table with different elements, and the wonders will never cease. I’m amazed at Kendra’s ideas, as they show the versatility of the IKEA FLISAT table as a sensory table.

Shop IKEA FLISAT inserts to transform it into a sensory table quickly.

IKEA FLISAT sensory table
Photo: Learning for Littles

6. Perfect for water play

play sink
Photo Credit: Two Crafty Makers

That is a wonderful hack from Elaine. Add a play sink with running water into the TROFAST bin, and your kid will have hours of splish-splashing fun. All you need to do is drop the sink into the TROFAST bin, which sits snugly in it, to avoid any toppling over, mess, and spills. 

7. Two-faced IKEA FLISAT table for double the fun

dual faced
Photo Credit: nestihome

Chalkboard on one side and LEGO baseplates on the other. Get a roll of adhesive chalkboard film and stick it onto the tabletop for the chalkboard. Smooth out bubbles, if any, and trim excess film from the sides. 

On the other side, lay the LEGO baseplates centered on the tabletop. Cut the baseplates to fit inside the grooves of the TROFAST bin. Stick them onto the tabletop with double-sided mounting tape.

How have you hacked the IKEA sensory table? Show us!

IKEA Sensory Table — 3 alternatives to the FLISAT

The FLISAT kids table from IKEA has quickly become one of their best-selling items. With such high demand, this versatile kids’ desk is often out of stock. Waiting for a restock can feel like an eternity when you have preschoolers eager to sink their hands into the mound of play sand.

Don’t despair – alternative options can deliver a similar experience without the wait. We’ll explore creative ways to set up an engaging sensory table for your little one using alternative IKEA furniture items. Here are three sensory table ideas you can put to work right now.

1. Affordable IKEA Sensory Table

Medina Grillo turned the cheap IKEA side table into a sensory play table for her son. He loves playing with rice, sand, and pasta but has never had an organized play space for sensory activities until now. This IKEA hack is best for dry-play items.

1. She sawed off the two back legs and cut one-third of the table top off so it can attach to the wall (you don’t have to do this part, but her kid’s playroom was getting overcrowded, so she reduced the size of the table and mounted the back of the table to the wall.)
2. She then sawed two rectangular squares on the table.
3. Secured two plastic buckets with screws and hot glue in the holes.
4. Lastly, painted and sealed it with Mod Podge.

2. IKEA Storage to an Activity Table

Photo Credit: @mabelsplayroom

The creative minds over at @mabelsplayroom came up with an ingenious way to repurpose the IKEA TROFAST storage unit as a temporary sensory table solution. They placed the TROFAST shelving facing up and discovered that the removable bins dropped perfectly into place.

This allows the TROFAST to work double-duty as both a storage unit and sensory play set, and it’s also a budget-friendly option for those who already own the unit. With some quick thinking, the versatile TROFAST can be adapted to enrich a child’s learning even more. 

3. Crate as a Sandbox

Photo Credit: @mabelsplayroom

As if the TROFAST sensory table hack couldn’t get any better, @mabelsplayroom discovered the TROFAST storage bins are the perfect size to nest inside the KNAGGLIG crates. This lower table height makes it ideal for sensory play with young toddlers. The affordable price point means any parent’s budget can accommodate this simple, practical setup.

We love that the modular design allows for quick and easy clean-up when playtime is over, simply by removing the bins and crates from the play areas. Between sessions, the stackable crates stow away neatly until the next time. This ingenious solution maximizes the potential of affordable IKEA pieces while bringing developmental enrichment to little ones.

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