IKEA DELAKTIG, the hackable sofa. Prepare to be wowed.

Here on IKEAhackers, the IKEA DELAKTIG is hands-down the most anticipated product of 2018.

A collaboration between IKEA and Tom Dixon, it promises to revolutionise the concept of the sofa. What’s most interesting is the very idea of the sofa is inspired by the global IKEA hacking movement. High five, peeps!

It is described as an open source platform for living which allows users to add different elements to create their own furniture solution. A mouthful of big words, so what does it mean, exactly?

On his website, Tom Dixon states, “So, this is the plan – you can go to IKEA and you can buy yourself an IKEA DELAKTIG bed. It’s an affordable bed. If you want, you can add components to make it into a sofa. Once you’ve got this bed sofa you can add on our hacks, other people’s hacks, or you can hack it yourself.”

Ok, Tom. We get it. That’s what we’ve been doing all along.

DELAKTIG, the hackable sofa, to be launched in February

So, what are the available IKEA DELAKTIG hacks?

Dixon’s company has produced heavy-weight task lamps, coffee tables and magazine racks that can be clamped, slotted or bolted on to the sofa’s frame.

These contraptions lets you transform the sofa into a sleep, work or entertainment space. He says it can be turned into a raft, but I’ve not seen it set sail yet.

DELAKTIG, the hackable sofa, to be launched in February DELAKTIG, the hackable sofa, to be launched in February

Bemz, the slip cover company, long in the industry of producing covers to match IKEA sofas, is also producing “three luxe covers that elevate the IKEA frame into a luxury unit – from Shower-proof stripes to an Icelandic sheepskin mono-cover known as ‘The Beast’,” as reported on Dixon’s site.

Photo: @johnstapels_photographer

Dixon and IKEA are also collaborating with “innovative art schools to see if DELAKTIG, rather than being a complete finished piece of furniture, could be the start of something much bigger – a kind of ecosystem with unlimited possibilities.”

To give it a head start, Space10, IKEA’s innovation lab has collaborated with Opendesk and designers to create nesting tables, cupholders and storage boxes for it.

Link Accessories for DELAKTIG
Bruno Schillinger’s Link Accessories, made from recycled yogurt pot materials, are designed to clip onto the sofa’s frame | Photo: Dezeen
Storage boxes for DELAKTIG
Tool Box by Josh Worley is mounted on small castors and designed to slot neatly underneath the sofa bed | Photo: Dezeen

How will you hack the IKEA DELAKTIG?

What do you foresee for the world’s first hackable sofa? For one, I think 3D printing designers will have a field day creating hacks for the IKEA DELAKTIG.

Spinning off from the Space10 initiatives, I believe attachments like magazine holders, remote control slots, laptop desks, tablet holders, will be natural extensions for the sofa.

I do hope the IKEA DELAKTIG legs are detachable. I would like to see different legs in terms of shape, height and capacity. Such as legs that allow for a double decker IKEA DELAKTIG bed. Or even legs that let you turn it into desk with a wood top instead of the foam top.

Personally, I think there’s lots of potential for this hackable sofa. And I can’t wait to get my hands on a set and really explore it.

What about you? What do you think will be a good hack for the IKEA DELAKTIG?

When will it be available?

Our wait will soon be over. The Tom Dixon x IKEA love child will hit stores in Europe come February 2018. It is slotted to appear in the U.S. this summer or fall. As for the rest of the world, we’ll have to wait even longer.

The Verge reports it will be priced between $399 and $899. I found it listed on IKEA Turkey’s website, going for 1,819 Turkish Lira. (approx. $476) for the basic 3-seat module and TRY1,519 ($398) for the 2-seater.

To win an IKEA DELAKTIG sofa, enter your email at TomDixon.net. Don’t wait. The draw will happen on February 1, 2018. (Tom, I’ve entered my email. Pick me!)

For a sneak peek before the launch, you’ll need to head to the IKEA DELAKTIG gallery in Brussels.

  • Date: January 13 – 31
  • Opening hours: Tuesdays – Fridays: 1 – 6 pm; Saturdays : 11 am – 6 pm
  • Address: Rue Antoine Dansaert 90D, Brussels

Images: Courtesy of IKEA via Designboom unless otherwise stated
Source: Designboom