Stranger Things, Friends and The Simpsons living rooms, now available at IKEA

stranger things living room ikea

I admit it. I can’t seem to get enough of Stranger Things. (Rewatching Season 1, as we speak.)

And when this bit of news popped up on my feed, it was an alignment of my favourite things.

In the form of a new ad campaign from IKEA in the United Arab Emirates.

The campaign recreated the living room from Season 1, where Mike Byers communicated with his mom through Christmas lights.

Look at it! In all its eerie glory.

Stranger Things Living Room - IKEA UAE

Seriously. Just add Winona Ryder and you won’t know the difference. It’s strikingly similar, even down to the spacing of the brushed on alphabets.

Stranger Things Living Room - Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder in Stranger Things | Netflix
The Simpsons – animation to real life living room

If the Stranger Things living room is not your decor style, the campaign included TV living rooms from Friends and The Simpsons.

The Simpsons - IKEA
The Simpsons
The Simpsons | Fox

I love how they matched it down to the skewed picture frame. Some items may need a touch of DIY, like the purple side table in the Simpson’s living room.

IKEA recommended the TYSSEDAL, which only comes in white. And you’ll need to hack the EKÅS lamp shade onto the JANSJÖ floor lamp to get the curvy lamp stand pictured.

Friends - Monica Geller's apartment
Friends | NBC

There’s no mistaking Monica’s iconic purple living room. It’s one of the most memorable room sets from 90’s TV land. For the ads, IKEA tagged each item in its distinctive IKEA style.

Friends - IKEA

The rooms were created solely with IKEA furniture and decorations. The team at Publicis Spain, the agency behind the “IKEA Real Life” campaign, spent over 2 months selecting the right items for the rooms. The items were then compiled and designed via 3-D software to mirror the famous living rooms as closely as possible.

As reported in AdWeek, Vinod Jayan, managing director for IKEA in the UAE, Qatar, Egypt and Oman says, “The IKEA team worked closely with the creatives for months. They went through hundreds of items to find the perfect pieces that would bring those iconic rooms. It was a great collaborative effort that led up to a stunning result. A true testament of what IKEA represents: a place where everyone can bring whatever idea they see or have to life.”

The Simpsons Living Room - IKEA

If you live in the Middle East, look out for them. Some of these rooms will make a real-world appearance at some IKEA stores in the Middle East.

Here’s one last look at The Stranger Things living room
Stranger Things Living Room IKEA

You can learn more about the products used on a microsite made for this campaign. Products are grouped according to the rooms so it’s easy to recreate what you see in your own home.

But the question remains, do you want to live in one of these TV living rooms?

Via Adweek.

Jules Yap