Tall TV stand – small budget hack for big TV

In one of the bedrooms we have an inexpensive IKEA RAST chest.  It also served as a rather tall TV stand. But the TV is big (old LG plasma), and it looked … not very nice on top of the RAST.

RAST chest of drawers - before

My wife has asked me to replace it with something nicer and bigger to accommodate a few books and all sorts of nonsense crap.

And, as you know, if a wife really wants something, it is better to do it and avoid much more problems … so I said OK and started to think it over.

Remembering the immortal phrase, “Saved means earned”,  I decided to build the needed furniture.

I wanted something simple and wooden, like Scandinavian style, as this bedroom is clapboard finished.

Then, I looked at the IKEA website and got upset. Because the price of any more or less decent TV stand with storage started from 10K Rub. And when I looked at other home furniture sites, it was even worse.

Remembering the immortal phrase “Saved means earned”,  I decided to build the needed furniture, since the interior allowed for it.

IKEA item used:
  • RAST chest of drawers x 2 
RAST chest of drawers

RAST chest of drawers | IKEA.com

Other materials:
  • 5 pieces of 40 x 40mm lumber
  • 3 furniture planks at 200 x 2000mm
  • 16 furniture screws with a flat head
  • 8 pieces nut with a flat head
  • 8 pieces tee blind nuts furniture T nut inserts for wood
  • Bag of furniture screeds for tightening the chests

Budget Tall TV stand – how I made it

So, I bought the second, exactly the same, RAST chest for 2500 Rub. (The cost of the first one was 1900 Rub, but it was a long time ago).

budget tall tv stand - IKEA RAST hack


I also got 5 pieces of 40 x 40 lumber, 3 wood planks of 200 x 2000 mm, a pack of furniture screeds for fixing and tightening the RAST chest together, 16 furniture screws with a flat head Allen with the same nuts. 

budget tall tv stand - IKEA RAST hack

The first thing I did was to cut the lumber into the right lengths for the side units. I also cut some of the lumber for the 2 pairs of shelves brackets.

side units

After that, it was all a matter of joining the pieces together. I fastened the two RAST chest to each other.

screwing the units together

From inside the RAST chest, I screwed on the side units.

As the RAST side panels butts up and to make things flush, I added a wood plank on top of the entire length of the two chests.

budget tall tv stand - IKEA RAST hack

Next, would be to screw on the brackets and shelves.

budget tall tv stand - IKEA RAST hack

To prevent any tip over, you may also want to attach the unit to the wall.

~ by Igor

Jules Yap