Funky washstand with drawer from IKEA cart

washstand basin ikea bekvam hack

A neat little washstand hack that evolved from our remodeling the downstairs bathroom.

We quite fancied getting a wash basin instead of the traditional sink and vanity but couldn’t source a suitable washstand.

It just so happened that we had two BEKVÄM kitchen carts lying around unused. So, I put my thinking cap on and came up with this hack.

IKEA items used: 
  • BEKVÄM kitchen carts x 2
BEKVAM kitchen trolley
BEKVÄM kitchen cart |
Other materials and tools: 

BEKVÄM washstand instructions:

Each cart has two longer legs and two shorter ones with casters.


The height of the short legs turned out to be perfect so I bolted all four of them on to one of the carts. And kept the longer ones for a different project.

(Alternatively, if you don’t have 2 carts, you can cut the longer legs to length of the shorter ones)

The next step was to cut away and reinforce the upper shelf to accommodate the plumbing.

Quite simple after a bit of measuring and the removed bars were cut down to use as crosspieces.

After some thought, I decided to add a drawer. So I picked up a set of slides at the local DIY shop.

I used the front panel from the second cart as a drawer front and sourced a couple of small boxes from a dollar store to build the drawer.

IKEA BEKVÄM washstand hack

A thin sheet of plywood on the underside of the two boxes gives the drawer rigidity.

The space between is to make room for the sink drainpipe.

IKEA BEKVÄM washstand hack

Cut the hole for the sink, rip a piece from the other cart’s top for the backsplash, and you have a pretty decent washstand!

~ by Jim Elder

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