Hackers Help: Kitchen island conversion?

kitchen island conversion from sektion corner cabinet
SEKTION corner cabinet | IKEA.com

Convert kitchen corner cabinet to kitchen island?

We remodeled our kitchen in 2010 with the IKEA SEKTION kitchen and have loved it.

I am thinking of rearranging a few things and would like to convert the 48″ kitchen corner cabinet as an island instead of sticking out to form part of a peninsula.

kitchen island conversion from sektion corner cabinet
SEKTION corner cabinet | IKEA.com

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It has the 21″ door on one side along with the panel that encloses it. I would like to take the back off and add some doors.

The FAGERLAND doors we have are no longer available so I would need simple black doors but I am unsure how to go about putting them on.

Also am wondering about the strength of the cabinet with the back removed. I could get by with one door on the back, opposite the door on the other side to give better access.

I really dislike this cabinet. It is so long I actually climb into it to get things out of the back. We got the turntable insert for the other 48″ cabinet but you lose a lot of space with one. So I just got the shelf for this one. 

I have seen lots of “kitchen island hacks” here but none using a cabinet with access on both sides. Any ideas or advice will be welcome.

~ by Bonnie


Hi Bonnie

I’ve not seen that kind of corner cabinet to kitchen island conversion yet. So I’m excited to see how this will turn out, should you go ahead with the project.

Door options

The KUNGSBACKA door is a nice one, if you’re looking for a simple black door.

kungsbacka door


Besides IKEA doors, you can also explore other options like DIY plywood fronts.

Creating a fixed panel

You are right in thinking the frame would not be as stable with the back removed. The backer board does its part to hold the frame together. As you mentioned, having a fixed panel (instead of 2 doors) at the back would go long way in keeping things steady.

If you want the fixed panel to match the black door, you can get a KUNGSBACKA cover panel. Other than cover panels, you can also trim down a larger door.

What you’ll need to do is measure the entire length of the frame and subtract the length you’ll need for the door. Refer to your existing cabinet doors to see how much margin to include. Cut the cover panel with a circular saw to size. Finish the exposed edge with edge banding. Attach the panel to the frame from the inside of the frame. (Watch the video above)

Attaching the door

As for fixing the door on to the back portion, you’ll just need to recreate the holes on the side of the frame for the UTRUSTA hinges.

Utrusta hinge - kitchen island conversion

Use one of your existing cabinets as a template and trace the spacing of the holes (include the edge of the frame) to a piece of cardboard. Mark the holes on the area of the frame you want to hang the door. Then, move on to making the new holes. Use a bit of masking tape of mark the depth of the original holes. Like so:

drill depth gauge


Drill the holes with a right sized drill bit. (Slightly smaller will give a snug fit).

Next, install the hinges and snap on the doors.

Don’t forget to add feet and plinth to your kitchen corner cabinet. And lastly, install your favourite countertop slab to it.

And there you have it.

I hope this serves as a rough guide to help you plan your kitchen island conversion in greater detail.

Let us know how it goes. Or shout, if you need more suggestions.

Happy hacking,