Art sculpture pedestal and stands for Johanna’s work

sculpture pedestals diy art display

For an art exhibition, “Homage to Johanna Koopmans” we wanted to create a DIY art sculpture pedestal and display stand.

Her work consisted of 20-22 wooden sculptures (varying in size from 30 to 180 cm). It also included thirty large black-and-white photo collages.

We used almost the whole IKEA LACK table and shelves series, in white.
Extra materials used were minimal. Just screws, metal supports, glue, drill, muscles, white paper strips for hiding the narrow sides of side table supports.

DIY sculpture pedestal and art display

DIY sculpture pedestal

For the white wall on the right, we used 12 LACK shelves (1 of 190cm, 4 of 110cm, 3 of 59cm, 4 of 30cms). Just for the fun of it, we added one small shelf vertically (of 30cm x 26cm). All of these were installed following IKEA instructions. 

DIY sculpture pedestal

In the middle feature wall in black, we installed 3 LACK side tables (55cm x 55cm). We connected them to one side of 3 coffee table tops (90 cm x 55 cm) to make 3 L-shaped wall supports/ a minimal sculpture pedestal. The slight difference in colour white was not too much of a problem.

DIY sculpture pedestal

As IKEA no longer sells table legs at 90 cm, we connected 8 LACK table legs of 45cm to each other for 4 legs at 90cm. For the rest, we bought 4 non-IKEA table legs of 90 cm which we liked. We used these 4 table legs together with the 4th coffee table top to create a counter height table.

As IKEA does not sell shelves of the LACK series deeper than 26cm. So, we used the four elements of the LACK side table which are 39cm by 65cm (sides) 140cm x 39cm and 130cm x 39cm (top and shelves). Ideal!

Johanna Koopman’s a fan of the IKEA LACK

The decision to use the LACK shelves was based on the artist’s affection for the clean look of LACK shelves in her own home. She used LACK items from the first time IKEA made them — was that in 1980 ?

The items were new and cost us 270,- euro (a bargain for a poor artist). 

The photographs speak for themselves. We are very pleased with the result. Sales were good because of the clean presentation and the costs were not too high.

The project is not yet on my site but you can find the description of the exhibition here.

~ by Marianne

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