IKEA outdoor dining table set gets real wood

IKEA FALSTER outdoor dining table set

10 years of rain, sun, snow and heavy usage by the family made the supposedly indestructible polystyrene plastic on the IKEA FALSTER outdoor dining table set look shabby.

So I started looking for new outdoor furniture – made out of real wood. But the prices were shocking.

IKEA items used:
  • FALSTER, IKEA outdoor dining table with chairs and bench
IKEA FALSTER outdoor dining table set

FALSTER outdoor dining set | IKEA.com

Other materials:

How I restored an IKEA Outdoor Dining Table Set

IKEA FALSTER outdoor dining table set

I took a second look at the old FALSTER table, chairs and bench. It was then I realized the polystyrene slats were not glued or welded to the aluminum frames but simply screwed together.

slats were screwed on

So I thought, “Why not just replace the slats?”

I went to a local carpenter and bought slats made from oak. Then I removed the old slats with a screwdriver.

Replace with oak slats

Because oak is a very hard wood I had to do pre-drilling before I could screw the wooden slats onto the frames.

Be careful not to drill all the way to the front of the slats. You can use a bit of masking tape to indicate the depth or use a drill collar to lock the exact depth you need to drill.

The last step was to treat the oak with a few coats of good wood oil.

The restoration worked like a charm. I even could use the old screws. And this set should last us for many more years to come.

IKEA FALSTER outdoor dining table set

~ by Philip

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