I need ideas for a platform bed with shelves and legs

platform bed with shelves and legs

Help me hack a platform bed with shelves and legs

I have seen the great KALLAX / EXPEDIT hacks to platform beds. While I love the storage, I do wish they were on legs.

Also, I have fallen in love with this Urban Outfitters bed (which is way out of my budget and sold out in any case).

platform bed with shelves and legs

Border Storage Platform Bed | UrbanOutfitters.com

I’ve been looking for an IKEA item that could replicate this.

Could I replace the KALLAX shelving used for the platform beds with a skinny BILLY on legs and somehow put more support in the middle? Any help appreciated.



Hi Shrima

That is a gorgeous bed and I totally get why you’ll want to hack something similar.

Hmm, I don’t think it would be easy to replicate the Urban Outfitters bed.

It’s not a matter of propping up the BILLY with some legs and reinforcing the middle.

The BILLY isn’t made to bear much weight in a horizontal position. More so when elevated because it’s merely particleboard. Which is why most platform bed hacks use the KALLAX instead and rests on the floor.

Option 1: TARVA or NEIDEN bed frame with picture ledges

But let’s brainstorm a bit and see if we can create new ways to make a platform bed with shelves and legs.

First off, I’ll start with the easiest option. My suggestion would be to use an existing wooden bed like the TARVA or NEIDEN bed frame.


Then, attach picture ledges like the MOSSLANDA or the gorgeous bamboo one MÅLERÅS (one facing down and one facing up, forming a C) along the side rails. Like this inspo picture below from IKEA.com. This example is for a bedside table but it shows what I mean with the C formation.

IKEA MOSSLANDA picture ledge as nightstand

You won’t get a lot of shelving space but I think it can look pretty good. Paint or stain the bed and picture ledges in the same colour so it won’t look obviously “I attached ledges to my bed”.

Very cool with LED strips too, don’t you think?

Option 2: TARVA (or NEIDEN) bed with GNEDBY

Alternatively, attach a slim shelving unit like the GNEDBY to the side of the TARVA bed rails.

The GNEDBY is for CDs so omit as many shelves as you need from the GNEDBY to accommodate your books.

platform bed with shelves and legs

You may need to cut the length of the GNEDBY to fit the bed frame. And finish the end with a piece of MDF or wood to cover the joining of the 3 pieces.

As for legs, if you do not like the original ones, you may cut them off and fasten hairpin legs. You will need to add triangle wood pieces to the corners of the bed frame for the legs’ mounting bracket screws to bite on.

Option 3: NORDLI bed

Another idea is to use the NORDLI bed frame. Omit the drawers and voilà! Shelves.

platform bed with shelves and legs

NORLI bed frame | IKEA.com

The middle pieces of the bed are joined with dowels and cam locks. So if you do want to add legs, you’ll need to add a new wood frame to the base to reinforce it. Then screw the legs onto the new wood frame.

platform bed with shelves and legs

That’s all I have for you. Hope we’ve sparked a few ideas to get the project underway.

Do send us photos when it’s done.

Happy hacking,


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