DIY corner speaker shelf for the SONOS Play:1

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

I already had a long MOSSLANDA picture ledge on that wall and wanted a matching corner shelf to hold my SONOS Play:1 speaker.

The project took about 2 hours and only the cost of the MOSSLANDA picture ledge. I already had the screws, PVA and tools to hand.

I love that it matches the style of the MOSSLANDA ledge exactly. It also has a natural hole at the back for the speaker’s wire to fit through.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

Wife liked it (she’s Scandinavian so that’s a big compliment).

IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

DIY corner speaker shelf instructions:

1. Start with MOSSLANDA 55cm or 115cm shelf (Black or white)

ikea mosslanda picture ledge

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2. Using the circular saw, cut along the base of the shelf as close to the “back board” as possible. Sand the brown cut portion on the back board to be level with the white portion.

mosslanda picture ledge - cut

Note – this will be the back of the final shelf so don’t worry if this face gests scratched from the sanding!

3. Using a Chop Saw cut the two 45° angles in the “main part” of the shelf as wide or narrow as required.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

Note – The maximum width (measured on the front edge) that can be made from a 55cm shelf is 36cm (as pictured).

4. Cut the “Back board” in half then cut the two 45° corner cuts, the back edge for this size shelf measures 27cm.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

Note – what was the front face of the original shelf is now the back face (with the cut from step 1 facing away), this gives a clean face for the new front face of the “back board”.

Assembling the pieces

5. Apply PVA to the “Back board” joint and the “back board” to “main shelf” joint., hold in place using tape.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

6. To fix the “back board” to the “main shelf” us the two 4.0mm x 30mm wood screws.

Drill two pilot holes in each of the back boards using a 4mm drill bit then finish with a counter-sink bit.

Set the “back board’ on a flat surface then drill through the 4mm hole in the “back board” with a 2mm drill bit.

Finally, screw in place and wipe away any PVA that gets squeezed out.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1

Note – The 2mm pilot hole should prevent the MDF from splitting, take caution and do not over tighten.

7. Finished! You’ll also need additional fixings to mount the speaker shelf to the wall.

corner speaker shelf - sonos play 1
What was the hardest part about this hack?

The first long cut needs to have as little excess on it as possible, I set up a guide and used a circular saw but looking back because that face won’t be seen a hand saw could be used.

What to pay special attention to?

Check the wall you are mounting it to is 90° or there will be gaps at the edges when mounted!

~ by Ian