IKEA FLEKKE daybed get matching nightstands

DIY bedside tables from IKEA FLEKKE backrest and extension units.

After finishing my “Ultimate built-in action figure display case“, I entered the second phase of this project — placing the IKEA FLEKKE bed below those cabinets.

Upon assembling the bed I realized the bed didn’t looked good in that position. Because the room was actually about 30 inches bigger than the FLEKKE bed.


FLEKKE bed | IKEA.com

I felt like it needed something to fill the gaps between bed and walls.

But the problem was, most of the IKEA night stands won’t fit in on both the sides. As an option I could use a single nightstand, but it would look asymmetrical and there would be some gap anyways.


IKEA FLEKKE bed originally comes with a backrest, but I wasn’t planning to use it anyways because it wouldn’t allow for the opening of the glass doors on the BILLY built-ins.

So this backrest was a leftover.

Also after making the BILLY built-in project, I had few IKEA BILLY height extension units laying around. So I decided to make perfectly symmetrical night stands as an extension for the FLEKKE bed.

I was lucky enough because it was a perfect fit in my room and I had nothing to trim or cut.

IKEA items used:
  • 2 x IKEA BILLY bookshelves height extension unit
  • 2 x BILLY Extra shelves.
  • 1 x IKEA FLEKKE bed
Other materials and tools:

Instructions for IKEA FLEKKE nightstands

As the side support I took unused FLEKKE bed backrest pieces. And for the second side I used BILLY bookshelves height extension units without one of the side panel.

And for the bottom I used extra BILLY shelves. Everything was tightened together using Furniture L-shape Bracket Connectors inside the shelves.

L brackets

The only thing was the edges weren’t covered. (Sorry, I forgot to make photos of uncovered edges.) That’s why I used Black Preglued Wood Veneer Edge Banding. I took an iron and glued the uncovered edges. At the end I got something like this.

nightstand process

Also I have to drill those night stands and added some plastic covers for wires for charging devices. Since these are a night stands after all.

And here’s the final result.


I’m very happy how it turned out at the end. Perfectly symmetrical and pretty useful. I think this hack makes this room look complete. )

I also have painted crown molding black. And replaced room light to a black one. In my opinion it looks pretty stylish now.

IKEA flekke

P.S. I was very lucky that everything fitted perfectly to my room and it was pretty easy and fast hack 🙂 But even if it wouldn’t fit, I would trim the BILLY units to make them fit. So there is nothing I would do the other way again 🙂

Awesome and looks great!

~ by Asyle Instagram @as88v2