Full size bed frame with storage hack — no tools required!

We hacked IKEA KALLAX units into a full size bed frame with storage to save space and money. Since we already had the KALLAX units, we wanted to use them up.

The bed is the perfect height for sleep and everything, with plenty of storage.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

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The KALLAX shelves are easily accessible from all sides and you can reach the space in the middle from the sides or from the top for larger items.

Reaching inside from the top is a bit of a drag (you have to lift the mattress and some/all of the plywood sheets) so we only use it for long-term storage/seasonal items.

 IKEA items used:
Other materials and tools:

Full size bed frame with storage assembly

Step 0: Assemble the KALLAX units.

KALLAX units

Step 1: Position the KALLAX units in a U-shape, with the opening towards the wall where you want your head to be. Any floor surface is fine, but a rug or carpet will make it less likely to slide around.

Non slip mat

Step 2: Cut up the non slip rug pads to fit on top of the units where the plywood will go, and place them there.


Underbed storage space


Step 3: Add the plywood sheets on top.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

Step 4: Cover with a bedsheet to keep clean, and put the mattress on top.

Other useful information:

You can use a single plywood sheet instead of three separate ones (we had to have it cut so it could fit in our car). Alternatively, you can also use a mattress frame/bed slats or whatever you like to sleep on.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack
How long and how much did it cost? 

Initial assembly took about half hour. Total cost of the 3 KALLAX units, plywood, and rug pads is around $200.

What do you like most about the hack? 

Simplicity and effectiveness, easy to assemble and disassemble (good for moving).

What was the hardest part about this hack? 

Carrying the KALLAX units and plywood sheets up the stairs.

What to pay special attention to? 

Non slip rug pads keep the plywood secure on the KALLAX base.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack
Looking back, would you have done it differently? 

Use a better quality or treated plywood.

And that’s it. A very simple hack for a full size bed frame with storage.

~ by Ilya and Sarah