Full-Size Bed Frame With Storage Hack — No Tools Required

kallax full size bed frame with storage

The IKEA KALLAX units are multi-functional enough as they are. Yet, they still have so much unlocked potential. We were able to hack the versatile product into a full-size bed frame.

The best part is that this bed comes with extra storage. So, you’ll be saving space and money.

Though the idea might seem unconventional, the bed is the perfect height for comfortable sleep. Additionally, you’ll be surprised by how much the storage area can hold.

The KALLAX shelves are easily accessible from all sides. As for the larger space in the middle, you can also reach it from the sides or the top.

That said, if you’re storing larger items, you’ll need to get to the middle area from the top, which is somewhat of a drag. You need to lift the mattress as well as some of the plywood.

For this reason, we only recommend using it for long-term storage or seasonal items.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

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IKEA KALLAX Bed Hack With Storage

The IKEA KALLAX bed hack is affordable, easy, and makes for an incredibly stylish bed frame. The initial assembly took only about half an hour. As for the cost, the materials cost around $200. If you already have KALLAX shelves, your bed frame will cost practically nothing!

Here’s everything you might need:




Step 0: Assemble the KALLAX units

If you already own KALLAX units, just put them horizontally! Make sure you place them where you want your bed to be, as moving the bed frame after assembling it is tricky.

KALLAX units

Step 1: Position the Bed Frame

Position the KALLAX units in a U-shape, with the opening towards the wall where you want your head to be.

Any floor surface is fine, but adding a rug or carpet under the bed will make it less likely to slide around.

Non slip mat

Step 2: Assemble the Bed Frame

Next, cut up the non-slip rug pads to fit on top of the units where the plywood will go. These ensure the plywood panels won’t move around while you’re sleeping.


Underbed storage space


Step 3: Add the Plywood and Mattress

Then, place the plywood sheets, making sure they’re evenly spaced. You can use a single plywood sheet, but we used 3 cut-up sheets so they could fit in our car.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

Step 4: Enjoy Your Comfortable Bed

Now that your bed frame is done cover it with a bedsheet to keep the plywood clean. Lastly, put your mattress on top and enjoy your new, stylish bed frame!

Special Tips and Tricks

The IKEA KALLAX bed frame hack is as easy as could be. To make things even simpler, here are some tips I’ve picked up along the way:

  • Don’t forget the non-slip rug pads, as they keep the plywood secure on the KALLAX base.
  • Instead of three plywood sheets, you can use a single one, as long as it fits on your bed frame.
  • If you have an old bed, the mattress frame or bed slats will also work in place of the plywood sheets.
  • Use a better quality or treated plywood for a bed frame that stands the test of time.
KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

Advantages and Disadvantages of KALLAX Bed Frame

The best part about our KALLAX bed hack has to be its simplicity and effectiveness. It’s as comfortable as any bed frame.

That’s not all. If you frequently move, this is the bed frame for you. You can assemble and disassemble it in no time.

There are basically no cons to this hack. While we struggled with carrying the KALLAX units and plywood sheets up the stairs, if you already have the shelf units, you’re good to go.

KALLAX full size bed frame with storage - ikea hack

And that’s it! The simple hack for a full-size bed frame with storage is finished in no time.

If you have other hacks for KALLAX shelves, make sure to drop them in the comments, and don’t forget to show us your finished product

~ by Ilya and Sarah