Group brainstorm: A taller BRIMNES headboard?

BRIMNES headboard taller

Love the BRIMNES headboard with storage but can it be taller?

A question came up in our Facebook Group.

Sheila asked, “Has anyone hacked the BRIMNES headboard? I like the style and storage but it’s too short. I want it taller.

I know it’s wall mounted so I can put it higher. But I’m thinking of putting a white board behind the mattress area so the pillows won’t fall through. Then, add more shelves on the side?”

BRIMNES headboard

BRIMNES headboard |

That’s an interesting question.

Let’s brainstorm for a taller BRIMNES headboard, shall we?

Idea #1: Two heads are better than one

Instead of installing shelves and a board to cover the gap, Jayme and Monika suggested stacking two of the BRIMNES headboards to create one tall headboard. Which I think is an awesome suggestion.

taller BRIMNES headboard ideas

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taller BRIMNES headboard ideas

Taking a look at the BRIMNES measurements (Queen, pictured below), the suggestion seems feasible. With the legs removed from both headboards and stacked, Sheila will end up with a 5-foot tall headboard.

BRIMNES measurements

With the bed frame and mattress, she may end up with over 3 feet of headboard above the mattress. Not a bad height at all. And with double the storage.

Idea 2: Turn the head on itself

Another idea I had was to turn the BRIMNES headboard upside down, with the legs in the air. This solves the pillow falling through the gap issue.

To finish the top portion, she can use wood and trim to create open shelving at the top. Like so: (See lines in orange). Please excuse my bad sketch.

taller BRIMNES headboard ideas

The closest photo I could find online is this bed from Home Depot.

Home Depot bed

Sheila can then wall mount the BRIMNES headboard at the level she likes. If she rather not fix it to the concrete wall, she can construct legs (or use ready made ones) to convert it into a free standing version.

Alternatively, she can still use shelving cubes like the EKET to support the headboard, as in her original idea.

What other ideas do you have for a taller BRIMNES headboard? Let us know in the comments.


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