I cooked up a perfect wall mounted TV cabinet

wall mounted tv cabinet

I’ve been looking so long for the perfect wall mounted TV cabinet. It has to meet quite a few requirements: hanging for a spatial effect, lots of storage options (for all game devices, our stock of candles, etc.)

It had to fit my interior and, of course, look nice!

So much choice

Nowadays there are so many nice shops with beautiful furniture to choose from. IKEA also offers many possibilities.

Among the ready-made furniture, I did not find one that met my requirements. The well-known BESTÅ furniture from IKEA came close, but it was not entirely complete either.

The solution

Until my sister came up with the solution.

She was also looking for a research piece of furniture (but not as a television piece of furniture). She found it in IKEA’s kitchen cabinets.

After some calculations and puzzle solving, we succeeded in making our perfect wall mounted TV cabinet.

IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet
What does the furniture consist of?

The furniture actually consists of kitchen wall cabinets from IKEA. The drawers were originally for cutlery.

We hung 4 of them next to each other. On top of that a custom made oak board, 4 meters long and 5 cm thick.

The shelf is 80 cm longer than the furniture and that gives a playful effect. To conceal the cables of the TV and other devices (virtually) invisibly, we made holes in the IKEA cupboard and the oak board where the TV is located.

My advantages over the BESTÅ furniture

The benefits of this furniture compared to the BESTÅ furniture are as far as I am concerned:

  • The cutlery drawer gives you just a little more storage options. Ideal for storing, for example, tablets or keys. Otherwise you often have empty space at the top of a (deep) drawer;
  • The drawers have a soft-close system;
  • They do not have a push-open system (read: dirty-finger system);
  • These drawers are available in a width of 80 cm. The BESTÅ furniture is available in a maximum of 60 cm. Due to the wider drawers, our living room looks optically longer and visually quieter;
  • The outside looks a bit more luxurious, I think;
  • The kitchen drawers are available in various colors, a matte and glossy finish. We have opted for the white matte version.

Disadvantage: It is more expensive than the BESTÅ furniture, but then you have an eye-catcher in your living room!

drawers for TV unit
Materials for 1 drawer element:
  • METOD wall cabinet frame, white, 80 x 37 x 40 cm
  • VOXTORP drawer front matt white, 80 x 40 cm
  • MAXIMERA drawer high, white, 80 x 37 cm
  • MAXIMERA drawer low, white, 80 x 37 cm
  • UTRUSTA drawer front, white, 80 cm

We had the oak plank made to measure at the timber trade Van Feij in’s-Gravendeel. The staff were very helpful and really took the time for us. You can choose your desired shelf yourself. In short: a must!

oak top

The four units of METOD wall cabinet frames were mounted on the wall, following IKEA specifications. We used drawers but you can certainly use doors and shelves, if you prefer. The system is flexible.

Have you been inspired for your new TV furniture? Then tag me in the end result. I am very curious!

IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet
IKEA kitchen units as wall mounted tv cabinet

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~ by Tessa

Jules Yap