See this stunning kitchen with lots of IKEA kitchen hacks

Rachael, a licensed builder located in Brisbane, sent in her IKEA kitchen project where she (and her team) personalised/ customised/ hacked some parts of it to give it the extra va va voom.

She demonstrates a few creative ways of using and customising IKEA products to create her client’s dream kitchen. Let’s take a look at Rachael’s IKEA kitchen hacks.

#1 Overhead cabinet with moulding

The space had very high ceilings and they wanted to make use of the full height with a row of overhead uppers. But the two wall cabinets flanking the window would end up being a little too high if they were to line up with the overhead cabinet.

Rachael had the idea of adding decorative timber trim between the top rows of cabinets to slightly lower the second tier of wall cabinets to just the right height, without breaking the flow.

IKEA kitchen hacks

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The decorative timber trim elegantly joins the top row of cabinets with the two lower wall cabinets and dresses them up even further.

Doesn’t it look grand?

IKEA kitchen hacks

See the explanation of the decorative moulding at the 2.30m mark of this video.

#2 IKEA kitchen hack: Bench top island and casual dining table

As there isn’t a dining room in the house, they also did an ‘island’ which functions as a casual dining table using IKEA bench tops and a pair of custom legs. The legs are metal, welded into an ‘X’.

Rachael used the same bench top for the base cabinets and island to maintain a seamless look and feel.

In the above video, you’ll see more of the dining table/ island at the 4.55mark.

IKEA kitchen hacks

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#3 IVAR pantry shelving

Also check out the IKEA IVAR shelving used as pantry shelving. It works beautifully!

IKEA kitchen hacks IKEA kitchen hacks

No hacking here, but it just looks dang good.

IKEA kitchen hacks

Watch the reveal of the stunning kitchen.

Hope you’ve enjoyed these IKEA kitchen hacks. See more kitchen related hacks here.

~ by Rachael Turner. View more of her projects on @frontporchproperties

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