Q: How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving?

pax ceiling coving

I came across IKEAhackers whilst searching for help to my problem. Like many people before me, I’ve designed a fabulous IKEA PAX floor to ceiling wardrobe only to now discover that the ceiling coving actually protrudes in the shape of an arc.

And so the H236 cm (approx. 92″) wardrobe will now not fit flush, unless I move the wardrobe away from the back and side wall by a couple of inches.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

Now, this is not ideal as the room is small. And I don’t like the idea of using an infill, so I am considering how to alter and cut the back and sides of the PAX wardrobe carcass to fit.

Any ideas on how to do this would be most welcome.



Hi Essie

In most PAX setups where it’s flush against the wall, the ceiling coving is removed to accommodate the PAX frame. Then, replaced around the top of the wardrobe for the built-in closet look. Like so.

built in walk in closet ikea wardrobe

See Erin’s stunning built-in walk-in closet

Cut PAX wardrobe to fit ceiling coving

If for any reason, you can’t remove it (renting?), here’s a tutorial for a PAX cut to fit a sloping ceiling. (Or this one.) It will offer some handy tips on what you need to prepare to cut your PAX frames.

The holes for the screws and bolts tend to be situated near the top corners of the PAX frame. They should not be removed or the wardrobe will be wobbly or worst, can’t be installed correctly.

Rather than risk that, I would rather attempt to shorten the base (pix below, in orange), rather than cut the top to fit the cove. The PAX wardrobe would look stumpier, but it will still work perfectly.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

PAX frame | IKEA.com

The base is approximately 7cm in height. You could reduce it to 1cm or 2cm depending on the arc.

Taking a look at the assembly manual, the cut should be below the pre-drilled holes for the cam lock screws.

How to cut PAX frame to fit ceiling coving

I hope this idea works out for you.

Let us know how it goes.

Happy hacking,


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