Hackers Help: Can I cut down PAX wardrobe?

I’ve done some work on the PAX Planner and got a nice wardrobe to go.


There’s a window in there — right behind the top half of the middle unit — 100cm wide and starts 120 cm from the ground. 

Since I could live without the extra hanging space, but drawers are essential, could I just cut the unit in half horizontally?

So keep the set of drawers bit and cap it off with the original top panel and treat it like a chest of drawers?

Why not just put a chest of drawers in — I hear you ask. Well, the space is exactly 100cm and would you believe it, IKEA does not do a single solitary drawer combination of either 100 or 2 x 50cm! 

Will it all fall apart on me or whaddya reckon? 

~ by Jinx


Hi Jinx

That’s a nice plan for a PAX set-up. I’ve always wanted a corner unit too but didn’t have space for it.

We’ve covered the shortening of PAX wardrobes quite a bit here. To answer your question, yes, you can cut down the PAX wardrobe. No problem there.

cut down Pax wardrobe
PAX wardrobe cut for storage under the eaves

Your plan to cut the top half and cap it with the original top panel is workable.

Again, I would recommend reading up on this excellent Instructable so you can get sharp, clean cuts. Using the right blade and tools (table saw or circular saw) will greatly minimise splinters and the tearing off of the laminate layers.

Use iron on edge banding to cover up the exposed laminate cuts.

Let us know how it all worked out.

Happy hacking,


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