Electric toothbrush holder: An IKEA & Oral-B marriage 

RIMFORSA electric toothbrush holder

An electric toothbrush holder that keeps a busy bathroom organized.

With 5 people and so many toothbrushes and their stands, we wanted a way to get them organized and off the sink.

I thought of this idea some years ago, but Anco made another nice box before this.

But in the end he liked my idea better because we can hang it on the wall.

We used 2 RIMFORSA holders to hold up everyone’s toothbrushes, with room for tubes of toothpaste.

Electric toothbrush holder

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IKEA items used: 
RIMFORSA holder for containter

RIMFORSA holder for containers | IKEA.com

Other materials and tools: 
  • Glue for wood and metal
  • Pieces of broomstick with the same diameter as the holes at the bottom of the RIMFORSA
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tie-wraps

Electric toothbrush holder hack instructions: 

Cut pieces of broomstick (as many toothbrush holders as you want to use).

Glue the wood pieces beneath the toothbrush holder stands. Like a stopper, the wood will keep the toothbrush stand fixed on the RIMFORSA.

toothbrush holder stand

Make sure you align them so your toothbrush will fit.

Electric toothbrush holder IKEA RIMFORSA

Stick the aluminum rails of the RIMFORSA to the wall and hang up your new RIMFORSA toothbrush holder.

Plug in the power, use the tie-wraps to tidy-up the power cords.

Allow glue to properly cure before placing your toothbrushes in the holder.

Other options:

At first, we tried to use plastic bottle caps instead of a broomstick. But the glue wouldn’t hold. Using wood in a wet surrounding is tricky.

How long and how much did it cost?

It took two hours of work. Most of it was waiting for the glue to dry. It costs €16 for the RIMFORSA and some glue.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

To find a good fitting piece of wood to stick underneath the toothbrush holder.

~ by Arjette and Anco from the Netherlands

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