The 3 little pigs of IKEA get waistcoats

ikea KELGRIS pigs waistcoat

My hack is called ‘Best Dressed Piggy’ and it’s a pattern for a waistcoat for the IKEA KELGRIS pigs soft toy.

(The KELGRIS is sold in a set of 3 at IKEA. Discontinued in the USA but still available on Amazon. IKEA has another pig soft toy called KNORRIG.)

When my granddaughter’s Piggy went missing at nursery I decided to make him a waistcoat so he would be easy to recognise.

KELGRIS pig soft toy |

This is quick and cheap to make. You might even have the materials at home already.

It only takes about 15 mins.

If you like, you could decorate the waistcoat with embroidery, fabric pens, applique or in any way you please. Older children could make their own.

  • Piece of felt material 24cm x 8cm
  • Small piece of coloured thread
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Sewing needle

Instructions of IKEA pigs waistcoat

Print off the PDF pattern on a sheet of A4 paper. Set printer to ‘Custom, 100%’ to get the right size.           

waistcoat pattern

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Cut out the waistcoat pattern, don’t forget the armholes!                      

Place the pattern on the felt and draw round it with a pencil. Cut out the waistcoat.                      

IKEA Pigs waistcoat pattern
IKEA Pigs waistcoat pattern

Put waistcoat on Piggy and overlap the fronts. With needle and thread sew a little cross to hold them together. Finished!

~ by Helen