25 IKEA items under $15 that are worth every dollar

ikea under $15

See what you can get at IKEA for under $15!

I enter IKEA to get a rug but come out with 8 things. Stuff not on my list. Things I never knew I wanted. Ever done that?

I know it happens to the best of us. We get sucked in by the cute tealight holder. And what? Only $0.99! In it goes into the cart.

But in all honesty, some of cheapest things at IKEA are amazing bargains. Worth every penny.

Browsing the IKEA site, I went weak in the knees for these 25 new IKEA items all priced under $15. (IKEA USA price).

See if you agree?

25 new IKEA items under $15

#1 LERBODA frame, $4.99
IKEA under $15 - LERBODA frame

This classic style steel picture frame can be used hanging or standing. Love the floating effect without a mat. Get it here.

#2 ROTFJÄRIL cushion cover, $5.99
IKEA under $15 - cushion

Does this set your heart a flutter? ROTFJÄRIL cushion cover is made with natural ramie and cotton. Great for the living room or as an accent pillow on your bed. Get it here.

#3 KORKEN jar with lid, green, $3.99
IKEA under $15 - KORKEN

An IKEA staple comes to life in a gorgeous new green. I’m all heart eyes for the refreshing change. Get it here.

#4 VATTENKRASSE Watering can, $9.99
IKEA under $15 - watering can

Another green beauty. It looks so good that you happily leave it out on display when not using it. Get it here.

#5 ANILINARE Desk organizer, $3.99
IKEA under $15 - desk organizer

The entire ANILINARE range is a throwback to more traditional times, with natural motifs. I especially love this metal organizer which would be great for my jewellery. Get it here.

#6 KADMIUM pendant lamp, 6″, $9.99
IKEA under $15 - lamp shade

A lovely classic lamp shade in dusky grey.  The glass lampshade is mouth blown by a skilled craftsperson. Where else can you get a unique lampshade for under $10? Get it here.

#7 AINA cushion cover, $9.99
IKEA under $15 - pillow

The ribbon tie detail on the back is a cute detail and softens the expression of the rougher linen. Get it here.

#8 GODTAGBAR range of vases, $5.99 – $9.99
IKEA under $15 - GODTAGBAR vase

GODTAGBAR collection is inspired by classic Scandinavian vase forms. Each vase is handpainted and looks good even as a decor piece on its own. Get them here.

#9 LIVBOJ wireless charger, $4.99
IKEA under $15 - LIVBOJ

Wireless chargers don’t come cheap, that is until IKEA stepped into the game. With LIVBOJ charging pad you can use your own USB-C cable and adapter. A reviewer says “Works just fine with iPhone 11 Pro, can’t beat the price. Make sure to get the cable, it doesn’t come with one, but this way you can buy the length you need.” Get it here.

#10 LASSBYN mirror, set of 2, $12.99
IKEA under $15 - LASSBYN mirror

The gold rimmed mirrors can be used hanging or standing. They can be hung horizontally or vertically. I can see them working very nicely as part of a wall gallery. And you can’t beat the price for a set of 2 decorative mirrors. Get them here.

#11 LANGESUND round mirror, $14.99
langesund mirror

Cheap round mirrors are hard to come by. This one has 2 color options: beige and dark grey, with a lightweight aluminum frame. Get it here.

#12 UNDERSÖKA insulated steel flask, $8.99
IKEA under $15 - flask

A leak-proof travel mug you can take everywhere. What I like most is how you can easily open the mug to drink with just one hand by clicking on the lid. Get it here.

#13 SÖRHASSEL memo board with magnets, $14.99
IKEA under $15 - memo board

I’m just waiting for someone to cover an entire wall with this memo board. It would make a terrific accent wall. Get it here.

#14 ILSBO pendant lamp shade, bamboo, $14.99

Handmade with thin bamboo rings strung together. The natural colour of bamboo casts a warm glow that makes for a cozy atmosphere. Get it here.

#15 KYRRE stool, $14.99
kyrre stool

The KYRRE stool appears to be the successor to the wildly popular FROSTA (which I still want IKEA to bring back!) The bent wood legs and triangular-shaped seat bring a fresh new look. Get it here.

#16 TJILLEVIPS basket, $12.99
rattan basket

This woven jute basket fits perfectly in a KALLAX cube. The shape and color will soften the strong lines of the KALLAX. Get it here.

#17 JUVELBLOMMA bath towel, $7.99
bath towel

A lightweight and fast-drying terry towel in a delightful floral motif. Get it here.

#18 LEN bed canopy
len bed canopy

How sweet is this! The canopy transform the crib into a cozy nook and gently filters light. And the embroidery detailing at the hem is so pretty. Get it here.

#19 LASSBYN table mirror, $9.99
lassbyn table mirror

On one side, a regular mirror. On the other, a magnifying mirror with 3 times magnification. Great for a small vanity. Get it here.

#20 FREBRO mirror, $7.99
Frebro mirror

The perfect candidate for an industrial style mirror hack. Not quite as striking as the wavy KRABB mirror but you can do lots with long slim mirrors. Get it here.

#21 BORSTAD bottleholder, $9.99
borstad bottle holder

Made from steel, this sturdy bottle holder is a steal. I’m eyeing it for my kitchen as a sauce bottles and condiments caddy. Get it here.

#22 TJILLEVIPS basket, $14.99
rattan basket

I’m already seeing a few hacks popping up for this rattan basket. It’s begging to be turned into a lampshade, don’t you think? Get it here.

#23 MÅCKEBO table lamp, $14.99
table lamp

You can’t go wrong with this classic style. You can also hack the clear glass in so many ways like how it was done with the GRONO lamp. Get it here.

#24 OSTBIT serving tong, $0.99
serving tong

At that price, do you even need to think about it? Get it here.

#25 KLOCKREN steamer insert, $3.99

This is one of the most useful things in the kitchen. I use it all the time to steam vegetables, buns and more. If you thinking of healthier cooking, pick one up on your next IKEA shopping trip. Get it here.

Which is your favourite IKEA item under $15? Or do you have any to add to the list?

Jules Yap