20 fabulous kids room decorating ideas we love on Instagram

kids room decorating ideas

Got kids? Then, you’re probably looking for decorating ideas to make the most of your kids room.

If so, drop everything and do a quick search on your Instagram for the hashtag #ikeahacksforkids. The hashtag is so fun to follow, with lots of amazing kids rooms and decorating ideas to spiff up the tiny tot’s room. At last count, there are over 4,000 posts on the tag. And I’m sure, growing.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing kids room decorating ideas from Instagram we found on the gram.

Kids play rooms and storage

A gorgeous playroom built-in over at @va_va_room with the PLATSA frames with doors as the lower storage cabinets. GERSBY bookcases stand on the cabinets with no issues. Will hide tons of toys, books for years to come. Check out her highlights for build details.

I love this one by @kate decorates. The poster sums it up. A 5×5 KALLAX anchors the playroom and provides storage for books, games and toys. The numbered bins are from Crate and Barrel.

Another winning playroom, with the EKET drawers on top of legs.

Bright, bold and full of fun best describes this playroom.

A serene play and reading nook, with the KALLAX and EKET(?) unit forming the corner bench.

A cheerful nursery that’ll be just as comfortable for mommy, daddy and the kids. The DIGNITET curtain wire is all ready for the kids artwork or photos. Complete the room with SANDARED pouffes.

Kids room beds

@villaalvsjo transforms a BILLY bookcase, PLATSA frames and 8 HJÄLPA drawers into this extraordinary storage bed. The fairytale wallpaper completes the whimsical forest bed for two.

An amazing VW bed by @babywohnbar. Under all that awesomeness is a trusty KURA bed. See the tutorial here.

How pretty is this house bed? Dani of @gingered_things made this charming bed with NORDLI bed with storage as its base. Then, wood all the way up. See the house bed hack here.

Kids study desks

@meubelmakerija.j.snijder made the STUVA storage bench better looking with a beautiful oak top, wrapping 3 sides of the desk. The addition of a fence stops pencils and crayons from rolling behind the bench.

Lots of table top space to play, write and draw. TROFAST storage units and adjustable table legs prop up the corner desk. See a T-shaped TROFAST kids desk hack.

The KALLAX 1×2 is available in some countries only, such as IKEA UK and Europe. On tapered legs, it makes a pretty console for the kids room.

Kids clothes storage

Hallway storage closet for kids’ clothes made from IKEA METOD / SEKTION kitchen cabinets, with a clothes rail from the PAX system.

Convert the KALLAX 2×2 into a toddler closet, like how @livingmallorcadeco did. Add a tension rod as the clothes rail and two storage bins to complete it.

If your kid’s clothes collection grows, a row of TROFAST frames work too. Nicole of @polishedplayhouse says the wardrobe helps her child develop his own choice and independence. See how she made it here.

Toys and play

Kitchen islands are common but did you know you can DIY a play island too? @stay_at_home_teacher.mada connects two TROFAST frames with a wood plank, supported with L-brackets, enlarging the build area considerably. The elevated plank can be used as a desk with the addition of kids chairs to the unit.

I love @crafty.lola‘s rendition of the DUKTIG playkitchen. So gorgeous with a touch of vintage. The fridge is to die for. Here’s a hack for a DUKTIG fridge.

Along the lines of the STORABO rug, you can also draw a personalised landscape for your child. @maritakreativ used the NACKTEN (discontinued). You can also use the very affordable $1.99 FINTSEN to do the same.

Display your toys with this RIBBA hack. For LEGO minifigures, see this hack.

And for the naughty one 😛

A designated spot for time out? The MAMMUT children’s stool has a new role to play.

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