Play fridge to match the DUKTIG play kitchen

My daughter loves her DUKTIG play kitchen, and was always asking for a fridge, which IKEA doesn’t sell. Figuring out how to hack a play fridge was the hard part, afterwards assembly was done in roughly 30 minutes.

The hack is very simple, but it looks wonderful and I’m very happy with it, and I love that the METOD doors match the play kitchen’s doors. The hardest part was the planning, and if nit-picking, having to go to a second store to buy the acrylic sheets. Only thing missing: making the doors magnetic, which I will be doing this weekend. The total hack came at 97,96 € for IKEA supplies, plus under 15 € for the acrylic sheet and profile.

IKEA items used (references for Portuguese IKEA):

  • METOD Wall cabinet frame, in white (402.055.42, 40x37x100 cm);
  • 2 UTRUSTA hinges (602.042.45);
  • UTRUSTA shelf, in white (502.129.76, 40x37cm);
  • 2 SÄVEDAL Doors, in white (602.930.00 – 40×60 cm and 002.929.99 – 40×40 cm);
  • CAPITA feet, in white (402.443.41)
  • STUGVIG, basket with suction cup (502.493.81)
  • 2 VARIERA boxes (701.772.55)
  • MOLGAN LED Lighting (602.637.29)
  • DUKTIG play kitchen handles, requested at customer service
  • Shelf pins (IKEA sometimes sells them as spare parts – look for the ones with rubber caps, usually used for glass shelves)

Other materials and tools: Clear acrylic sheet, for shelves, and acrylic profile, for finishing.

Instructions for hacking a play fridge

It’s very easy. Assemble METOD unit as directed in its instructions, and do the same for the SÄVEDAL doors and CAPITA feet. To mimic our fridge (refrigerator on top, freezer on bottom), the longer door was assembled on the top part of the unit (AKA “refrigerator”) and the square door on the bottom (AKA “freezer”).

Play fridge to match the DUKTIG play kitchen

For the handles, we placed one on the lower part of the longer door, and another on the top part of the square door.

Place one UTRUSTA shelf dividing the “refrigerator” part from the “freezer” part of the fridge, where the two doors meet.

Play fridge to match the DUKTIG play kitchen

Have the acrylic sheet cut to size (2 shelves of 35×36 cm, for the “refrigerator” part), and use as glass shelves. Our local store sells 100x50cm sheets, so the “freezer” shelf is only 30×36, but you can use the remainder UTRUSTA shelf instead.

Play fridge to match the DUKTIG play kitchen

Place the STUGVIK basket on the upper door, following its instructions, and place the MOLGAN lighting on the upper part of the unit (it has a sensor, so it lights up when you open the door). Place the VARIERA boxes in the “freezer” part, to act as drawers.

Play fridge to match the DUKTIG play kitchen

~ by Margarida Brito


Jules Yap