Q: Stacking IKEA shelving – Albert, Hyllis or Hejne?

ikea shelving rack

I’m planning on buying a new shelf for my hallway, but I’m rather limited in both available space and financials, so IVAR is out of my limit.

On the other hand, ALBERT, HYLLIS and HEJNE shelves are all suitable for me, but they are rather short.

Stacking IKEA shelving

I want my shelf to be from 200 to 280 cm (78 – 110 inches) tall.

Is there a way to safely stack two ALBERTs or two HYLLISes or two HEJNEs on top of each other?

Thank you in advance.

~ Irina


Hi Irina

The ALBERT, HYLLIS and HEJNE are all good choices and can be quite easily stacked.

As the ALBERT and HEJNE are wood, the posts can be joined together using metal braces.

Get 2 extra HEJNE posts, which measures 171 cm. (If using the ALBERT, you’ll need to buy the whole unit.)

Cut each post in half to get two 85.5 cm long posts. Attach this cut section to the regular HEJNE post to get a 256.5 cm long post. Install straight metal braces to the top and bottom posts to fix them together. Then, assemble the HEJNE as usual.


Other than metal brackets, you can also use off-cuts from the posts (for the height extension) to join them together. Ucn shared this joining method over at Instructables. A few well placed screws should keep the pieces together. You can also apply wood glue to the pieces before joining them for a stronger fix.


Stacking the IKEA HYLLIS shelving

As for the HYLLIS, it’s easy to double up too. I found a hack of two stacked HYLLIS. Lea made new holes in the HYLLIS metal frame and screwed the legs together. Double up HYLLIS tutorial here.

Stacking IKEA shelving

Another method, which is easier, is to overlap the holes of the top and bottom HYLLIS, until the holes align. Then screw them together with longer screws than the one IKEA provides. See how Dave did this HYLLIS wall of shelving here.

Stacking IKEA shelving

A close up of how the frames overlap.

Stacking IKEA shelving

Source: Sonja Olafs

Personally, I prefer the HYLLIS for the hallway. It can hacked to look less like garage furniture. It can go industrial rustic like this.

HYLLIS rustic

An all black version is pretty dope too.

HYLLIS in black

Source: Sonja Olafs

Hope your stacking IKEA shelving project works out.

Most importantly, do fasten the unit to the wall to prevent any tip over incidents.

Happy hacking,


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