4 IKEA Storage Ideas to make good a wasted gap

space for yoga

Make room for more with these IKEA bedroom storage ideas.

I’m looking for help with a space in my bedroom. 

This is the layout of my room currently with the bed in the middle of the end wall. Sizes are in cm. 

bedroom layout - IKEA bedroom storage ideas

I want to rearrange my furniture to have space for yoga. But it will leave me with an annoying space at the foot of my bed (approx. 30cm/1 foot wide).

bedroom layout - IKEA bedroom storage ideas

I would just stick a book case in there but I wouldn’t be able to get to the lower shelves at all, so I’m hoping someone here can help me with a suitable option. 

The bed won’t go completely against the window wall because of the radiator.

I plan on putting a small shelf above/behind the headboard for small items, and possibly cups of tea. 



Hi Mary

Space for workouts. Nice!

I’m all for changing layouts as our needs change, so let’s take a look at some IKEA storage ideas to make the most out of your bedroom space.

#1 Bookcases with hidden storage

As suggested, you can stick two BILLY bookcases (at 28cm deep) at the foot of your bed in the new layout. With this hack, the space at the bottom shelves need not be wasted.

I would recommend turning the bottom section of the bookcase, which will be blocked by your bed, into a storage space for seldom used items.

How I’ll do that is …

BILLY bookcase with hidden storage

First, assemble the bookcase. But omit the shelves for the bottom section. Get a wooden board as high as your footboard and nail it across the BILLY frame. You can get a board cut at your local hardware shop.

Then place dowels in the BILLY frame at the same height as the board.

Next, add knobs or door handles on a BILLY shelf. This makes it easier to pull up the shelf and access the space when necessary.

Lastly place the shelf over the dowels. Slide the BILLY bookcases into the gap and voilà! Hidden storage space for pillows and extra bedding.

#2 Flip open storage cabinet

Next idea is to use the IKEA kitchen cabinet. The METOD has a 30 cm wide wall cabinet which is great fit for the gap.

I’d get two of them at 80cm tall and 60cm tall to come up to 140cm, 10cm shy of your bed’s width. Assemble them according to instructions and install the doors.

Then, join the end of Cabinet 1 to the head of Cabinet 2 to form a long storage cabinet. Lie the cabinet on its back and slide them into the gap.

A quick sketch of how it may look. Customise with doors that you like.

flip top cabinet

For this idea, you can consider it along the radiator wall. It may actually turn out better with this flip open storage cabinet below and wall shelves above.

Choose a shorter METOD cabinet to clear the radiator, if necessary. With the bed flush against the left wall, you may be able to use the wider 40cm cabinet. You’ll have more size options with that.

#3 Storage benches

IKEA has a few benches that may work.

Get two of the RÅVAROR Coffee/side table and they’ll fit right in.

Photo: IKEA.com

Another one from the RÅVAROR range. This bench on castors is 34cm wide, so if it’s placed along the radiator wall, it may work. Plus point is you’ll have extra seating for guests.

Photo: IKEA.com

IVAR has a crate on castors which you can use for that space too..

Photo: IKEA.com
#4 Wall of TRONES

Lastly, I would recommend the TRONES shoe cabinet. This is my favourite solution for your space.

I’ll use 6, maybe even more, of these slim cabinets along the foot of the bed. At 18cm deep, you’ll still have margin to flip down the doors.

The TRONES are so useful in so many ways and despite its slim profile stores a load of stuff. Craft material, books, magazines, electronics, you name it! You can even make a headboard out of it.

IKEA bedroom storage ideas
Photo: IKEA.com

Add a wooden plank on top for a natural touch. For more organized storage, label each compartment.

TRONES IKEA bedroom storage ideas

So, Mary, how will you be tackling your room layout?

We’ll love to see your before-after. Send it over when it’s done.

Happy hacking,


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