How to keep desk in place on IKEA ALEX drawer units?

alex drawer desk worktop

Over at our IH FB Group, Ritu asks “People who have done this, how do you keep the wood plank from moving on the ALEX drawer units?

Mine keeps moving with the slightest pull/push.” (Photo below not my own, just to illustrate the setup.)

ikea alex drawer desk

Teresa says, “The tops of the ALEX units should have silicone/ rubber circles that should keep the desktop from shifting. When you say it moves, is it the tabletop that moves or the ALEX units, or both? The tabletop shouldn’t move.”

Teresa was referring to the rubber bumpers in Step 21 of the assembly instruction.

alex drawer unit step 21

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Turns out Ritu’s ALEX units were from the marketplace and did not have them.

What are her alternatives?

IKEA ALEX drawer hack with anti-slip alternatives

First things first is to try to get replacement ones from IKEA Customer Service. Failing which let’s move on to alternatives.

1. Bumpers

Similar bumpers are readily available at most hardware store or online like these on Amazon.

2. Anti-slip mat

Secondly, she can try other non-slip items as suggested by Marianne — the IKEA STOPP anti-slip underlay.

alex drawer unit - anti-slip
STOPP anti slip underlay |

Charshy cut the STOPP mat into squares and placed them on top of the ALEX units before laying the desk top above.

3. Velcro strips

Michelle says Velcro strips are the method used at IKEA stores. With removable Velcro mounting strips it would be easy to remove, without damage to the surfaces.

4. Screws

A more permanent solution would be to use screws. Kenny suggested to screw from inside the top drawer up into the table and “it won’t budge ever again until you remove the screw.”

Do measure and add up the thickness of the ALEX drawer unit top panel and the table top. Get screws that are slightly shorter than the total height.

All great suggestions.

For Ritu, the bumpers are probably the easiest place to start.

Hope it works out.

Happy hacking,


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