Hackers help: Help me plan this kitchen island?

I need some help with a kitchen island plan. Would anyone know what IKEA products I would need to make the kitchen island in the photo below and instructions on how to make it? Can’t seem to find a list of products or how to make it.

Hackers help: How to make this kitchen island?
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Hi Siobhán

Planning the kitchen is always such fun and your choice of this farmhouse style kitchen island is great. Too bad the original source is unknown. I know that sucks. If anyone has seen a tutorial on this island, do let us know.

Looking at it, the kitchen island can be quite easily recreated with the IKEA kitchen range. I’ll use the METOD range as the starting point, as I’m familiar with that. It should be pretty similar to the SEKTION available in the US, except for some sizing differences.

Kitchen island plan

You’ll need 6 base cabinets. 4 with drawers (for the 2 sides) and 2 with shelves. Then you’ll need to dress them up with following to get the style you want.

  • HAMMARP countertop
  • BODBYN doors
  • HITTARP cover panels
  • ENERYDA door handles (similar)

materials for kitchen island plan

And since planning kitchens seem to be a hobby of mine, I’ve drawn it up for you using the IKEA Home Planner tool. (Okay, don’t panic. The color isn’t grey. The 3D color rendering just makes it look that way.)

kitchen island plan

Doesn’t it look pretty close to the reference photo? I think so.

This is the front view, with two 40cm wide base cabinets with drawers flanking one 80cm wide base cabinet with shelves. Entire width is 160cm (5’2″).

kitchen island plan

The reference photo shows a pretty deep island, so I’ve used base cabinets with a depth of 60cm each, placed back to back — making this island 120cm (approx. 4′). You could also swap out the 2 base cabinets at the back for the shallower 37cm base cabinets for a narrower island.

kitchen island plan

Clad the sides with the HITTARP cover panels. Add moulding if you wish to have a border like how it is in the reference photo.

kitchen island plan

I wasn’t sure how the back of the island was, so I duplicated the same config as the front. You could leave the center 80 cm base cabinet out if you wish to have space for a bar stool. Or close it up with doors.

Well, that’s how I would tackle this kitchen island. Do take the plans (downloadable below) to your nearest IKEA kitchen planner and tweak it to your heart’s content.

Download the kitchen island plan and item list HERE.

Good luck with the kitchen.