Doggy den from old IKEA desk, Pup approves!

dog den ikea laiva hack

A cute dog den for the furkid.

So, ever since my puppy started chewing the shit out of this desk, it’s pretty much turned into a sort of workbench/ junk desk.

Instead of trying to cram it into my trash can, I figured why not turn it into a dog den that she can bite all day to her heart’s desire?

IKEA LAIVA dog den
IKEA items used: 

LAIVA desk |

Other materials and tools: 

LAIVA desk to dog den 

We recently got our floors redone (carpet to hardwood) and had a couple boxes of floor panels as well as the pallet they got delivered on, which I had already started taking apart to build a herb planter.


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I mean it’s not really rocket science. I pretty much just tipped the desk over on its back, took out the lil sliding compartment and the panel behind it (so the roof can be at an angle).

IKEA LAIVA dog den

Line up the boards on the roof to make sure they fit, then bust out a handful of self tapping screws and the Makita to lock it down.

For the sides, I cut three hardwood boards in sort-of half and did the exact same thing.

I ended up taking the fake grass pad out after moving it and finding out exactly how much water/ pee could accumulate on it without being noticeable.

IKEA LAIVA dog den

Then, I painted the boards and stained the roof.

Next, I may possibly add some interior lights since there’s an outlet right next to it.

Other useful information:
Why did you decide to hack the item?

Mainly because I was tired of seeing junk pile up on top of it. But also partly because I was really, really bored.

How long and how much did it cost?

I think the desk was originally $20-30 but I actually got it as a badass secret Santa gift.

What do you like most about the hack?

I feel like it unlocked a new level of manhood/ lifeskill. 

What was the hardest part about this hack?

So, I don’t have a power saw so I actually did all the cutting with hand tools, which wasn’t horrible but definitely a workout. 

What to pay special attention to?

Lining up the roof screws can be a lil tricky but it’s not a big deal to over/ under shoot it.

Looking back, would you have done it differently?

I had a couple overshot screws that I didn’t realize until I peeked inside. It probably would have helped too if I measured to check where to drill instead of dancing to Bad Bunny and drilling anywhere like I might find oil underneath.

~ by Marco Laureano