Clips to secure face mask comfortably and quickly

face mask clips

My face masks never quite worked with my ears. Prior attempts were not snug or comfortable on my face. And I had limited elastic narrow enough. So the clips came in handy for a fitting face mask.

The elastic and face mask clips can be removed when washing the mask.

CDC recommendations on cloth face coverings:

They should:

  • fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • be secured with ties or ear loops
  • include multiple layers of fabric
  • allow for breathing without restriction
  • be able to be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to shape

Read CDC guidelines on cloth face covering.

IKEA items used: 
Other materials and tools: 
  • Elastic and material sewn into a face mask

Adjustable face mask clips instructions: 

1. Cut two 6” lengths of ¼” wide or narrower clothing elastic.

2. Knot both ends of each piece of elastic to loops on RIKTIG alligator clips. (Two clips per piece of Elastic)

3. With pliers, gently crimp the loop down to secure the free end of the RIKTIG onto itself so the elastic stays on each loop.

face mask clips

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4. Attach the elastic to each side of your mask by clipping RIKTIG alligator clips to each corner of the mask.

5. Adjust elastic and clips on mask so that the elastic fits around your ears and your mask fits comfortably.

face mask clips
How long and how much did it cost?

I had all the materials.

What do you like most about the hack?

I can adjust where I clip the RIKTIG clasp to the mask so the fit is comfortable and doesn’t move.

What was the hardest part about this hack?

Crimping the loop, but with needle-nose pliers it was easy.

What to pay special attention to?

Not to make the elastic too snug around your ears.

~ by Cindy M