How to close the gap between IVAR Doors for good

ivar gap

Most people hate the IVAR gap and here’s how to solve it.

Over on our FB group, Amy asked this question: “We’ve just built our IVAR cabinet and put the doors on, to discover a gaping hole in the middle of the doors!

IVAR gap problem

I’ve messed about with all the screw on the hinges, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

Anyone got this and had the same issue? Thanks!”

Well, she’s not alone in this. If you’ve ever assembled an IVAR cabinet, you would have faced this. In fact, any IKEA cabinet with 2 doors has this issue.

It seems more prevalent on the IVAR, though, maybe partly due to the curved edge design.

But don’t lose heart. There are …

Ways to reduce the infamous IVAR gap

#1 Adjust the hinges

First, do what IKEA tells you to.

Herman suggested this video showing how the various screws affect the door position.

Which corresponds to the instructions on the assembly manual.

The first adjustment is to get the two doors level. So if one door is higher than the other, loosen the two screws that hold the hinge to the frame and gently nudge the door to the right position, then fasten again. (If you have someone to help you hold the door in place, it’ll be so much easier.)

adjusting the hinges

Once you got the level of the doors right, you now tackle the hard bit — the front-to-back and side-to-side adjustment. I’ve found that you’ll need to make both adjustments bit by bit.

adjusting the hinges
adjusting the hinges

Adjust, stand back to check the alignment, adjust again. Till you get it as close as possible. Mine still has a 3mm gap, which is fine by me.

#2 The IVAR Gap Kit

If nothing works, maybe the IVAR Gap Kit will. I’ve not tried it but it promises to remove the annoying gap in no time.

IVAR Gap Kit


Simply place 1 spacer from the IVAR Gap Kit behind each hinge, after which the space (Gap) between the doors will disappear. Like magic! 

IVAR Gap Kit


If anyone has tried this, please let us know if it works as advertised. Find out more about the IVAR Gap Kit.

#3 Cover it up

This one is from A Beautiful Mess. They got rid of the gap completely with a thin piece of 2″ wide basswood, glued on one of the doors.

IVAR Gap closed with strip of wood

Et voilà! Gap gone.

IVAR Gap problem solved

Credit: A Beautiful Mess

#4 Learn to love the gap

There are gaps but they don’t distract from the beautiful simplicity of the IVAR. Embrace the gap!

IVAR cabinet with wood etching

Happy hacking,